Burley Honey Bee | Product Features

Welcome, this is the Honey Bee child trailer.
A perfect balance of value and versatility, without comprising on safety. The Honey Bee comes ready to bike, with seating
for one or two children, and a weight capacity of 100 pounds. Included is the 1 wheel stroller kit, designed
to make the switch from biking to strolling easier than ever. Just pull down on the wheel to switch between
modes. Now lets get into some of the product features,
we’ll start at the top and work our way down. First we have a fully adjustable handlebar.
When biking it’ll double as an additional roll bar. We also have an included light bracket, and
various reflective piping on the fabric for extra safety and protection at night. The 2-in-1 water resistant cover is a 600D
polyester fabric. For warm summer days, simply roll up the window
and secure using the velcro strap. The windows on the Honey Bee have a UPF 30
rating. Now moving to the interior. The hammock style seat provides passive suspension
to the child, and has an integrated 5 point harness system. Another great feature of the Honey Bee seating
system is its adjustability. These adjustment points can be moved up and down to accommodate
the child as they grow. Between the shoulder straps you’ll see some
loose mesh. This is our helmet pocket, allowing for a more comfortable ride for your child. Next to the seat are several pockets for snacks
and toys. Behind the seat is a large storage space for
any cargo you need on the go. For easy loading and unloading, the Honey
Bee includes this splash guard. At the back of the Honey Bee there’s a HUB
engaged parking brake for use when strolling. The Honey Bee comes with easy to use push
button wheels. The Honey Bee features a fold flat design
for easy storage. Simply pull on the two red triggers to fold flat. For parents looking for a child carrier for
biking or strolling, the Honey Bee is a great option.


  1. Hi Burley – Does this product really not have the ability to seat recline? As I hope you know, children often doze off when in strollers, etc. similiar to the Burley. Because it doesn't appear to recline at all, our baby is left constantly leaning forward with his head dangling, which looks terribly uncomfortable and not totally safe. Not to mention, this seems to become worse with the infant snuggler. Am I missing something or not using the product right? Is this truly a design oversight? Feeling a little disappointment this wasn't accounted for in the design. I wish I would have known this before purchasing this product, if this truly is the case. I bought this pricey product to enjoy with my child, but I don't think he's enjoying it! Thank you.

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