Call Of Duty: Ghosts: LEGO Honey Badger

Hey guys! How’s it going? It is MyDifferentUserName here and today I’m going to show you, which without a
doubt, has been requested to me by literally I think everybody who
watches my channel and I finally got a chance to make it and
it’s a really cool assault rifle. It has a free attachment, which is a
suppressor, and it’s just an amazing gun to use in “Ghosts”. So here it is, the LEGO Honey Badger Assault Rifle. So in real life, the Honey Badger is
actually referred to as an ‘AAC Honey Badger’ and this is also been featured by very
famous YouTuber by FPS Russia. I would urge you guys to
check out that video as well because that video actually shows the ‘real-life’
version of the gun, how it shoots, and
everything. Here we have the ‘LEGO’ version, It’s really cool! It’s based on an AR-15
platform and fires a 300 Blackout AAC round,
something like that, and it’s really cool because it’s similar to that of an
AK-47’s round. Which means not only is this gun accurate, but it’s also
powerful as well. So on the side, we actually have a logo
which has “NV” on it. I couldn’t make that out of LEGO and I don’t know what “NV” means, maybe it means ‘Nevada’ because
I live here. (Just a joke) And even on the other side it has what
looks like a signature from a graffiti artist. I’m
not really sure. Anyway, I try to do the best I could with
that signature and with also LEGO blocks, but I think it did a fairly good job
though. When I mention ‘free attachment’, I met the
built-in suppressor that nearly runs through the entire weapon itself.
Now really quickly, just to show how quiet this gun really is, I’m going to be showing a little sound
test here. So the decibel range of this reaches
around 120, while a normal shot from a gun would reach from 160 to even 200 decibels. The stock on the weapon is really great.
I mean it really makes a weapon compact, when it’s shortened, and it’s also a really strong as well.
The only downside to is that you have to remove the entire pin just to change it, but
besides that it is a pretty decent stock. If it is one thing that is really cool
about this gun, it happens to be detail that is put into
it. I put so much detail into it because this happens just to be one of
my favorite assault rifles ever. I knew about this weapon before
even “Call Of Duty: Ghosts” was even announced and I knew I wasn’t really sure if I
wanted to build it. As soon as “Call Of Duty: Ghosts” was announced, that was finally time to
tell myself, “Hey, you know what? I should really make this gun!” The rifle has a bottom tactical rail
that can equip grenade launchers and even shotgun mounts, while the top can even equip ‘Red Dot’ sights
and even ‘ACOG’ scopes to give in even more of a tactical look.
And another cool thing about the rifle are the sights that are attached to it. These are known as ‘Magpul MBUS’ Sights. And I gotta say they are
really amazing to look at. I just like the look of them. Now the cool thing about them is they’re
spring-loaded sights. You click a button on the side and they pop right up, just in case, maybe your ‘Red Dot’ sight broke or
something. Just flip them up and you can stay right on target. So in conclusion, all I can really say is that the Honey Badger is an amazing assault rifle and I urge
anybody to at least try it out. The fact that it comes with a free suppressor
is amazing enough and it’s just simply a ‘bang-for-a-buck’. Now let’s hurry up and shoot this thing
because Honey Badger don’t give a fuck. So subscribe for ‘Ghosts’ weapons. Like,
favorite, and comment if you have enjoyed. And as always… Thanks for watching!


  1. Doesn't the Honey Badger in Ghosts have spring ejected magazine or something? The character never touches the mag as it's coming out and it just flies.

  2. Username can u try and build the M231 Assault rifle but beware in-game it's known to be the troll gun because u can only hip fire with it, aiming down the sights is gonna FUCK you up HAAAAARD

  3. The power of an AK round with the accuracy of an AR-15 with a free, built-in suppressor.

    How is this not known much?

  4. Hey MDUN, I just wanna say that you are one of my favorite lego YouTubers, and with the help of this video I made a honey badger of my own in LDD and I'll be ordering the parts soon, so yeah, I know this is an old vid, but thanks for the help and keep up the good work!

  5. Thank you so much for this video! It helped me so much in creating my own working replica of the Honey Badger ( )!

  6. Fun fact: suppressors actually do (kind of) decrease stopping power. To make a suppressor effective, you need subsonic ammo which is slower than regular and supersonic ammo (are regular and supersonic the same thing?).

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