Cameroon: L`AGRICULTURE (Agriculture)

I am Ondombo Nkodo Christine In the community of Mva`a, agriculture is diversified We will show you a cocoa plantation, Okra plantation and pineapple plantation Cocoa is a cash crop For the populations of Mva`a II It is the main source of income It is thanks to that revenue that parents pay The school fees of their children Cocoa farming is very demanding You need insecticide and fungicide You must also prune the trees In order to have a good production For example, look at this cocoa pod It is rotten It has been destroyed by a fungus The first harvesting starts in August, September, October In November and December It is the big harvest time, and it is an occasion for celebration in Mva`a II People give themselves to enjoyment They eat, they drink and they are very happy This plantation is mine I work on this farm for a living And to support my family Euuhh I am expecting a bumper crop This is an okra farm We sell okra in bags One bag costs five thousands, six thousands It depends on the period Now it is the short dry season Okra is rare in the market I think this farm Could make me earn forty, fifty or sixty thousands And even a hundred thousand franc Working in Common Initiative Group (CIG) will be advantageous For the village I cultivate crops on this farm Because it is near my house and by the road I cultivate these pineapples to sell them If I have good crops I will sell them I have not yet bought fertilizer Because I do not yet have the means What you see grew without fertilizer I advice people on the methodology of work To keep up such a large plantation requires teamwork Therefore, the output will be significant When the plantation is as big as this one, we do teamwork If everybody is involved the village will progress.


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