Can Trust be cultivated, or is it a grace given by God? – Insights from the Master

“Can Trust be Cultivated
or is it a Grace given by God?” Of course, trust is something
that firstly is inborn. It is something which you have inside of you. But, of course,
it has to be cultivated. You see, when a seed is planted inside,
it must grow, no? You can’t just say,
“I sit around, I trust, I trust, I trust.” It would not grow like that. You have to do something,
you have to go into it. The same thing, when there is
a negative thing in your head, you like to go and entertain it, no?
Yes or no? Eh? You like to make it grow also, no? So why do you like to make the negative
things grow, but not the trust inside? Because you take trust for granted. You know, very often people take things, especially trust, confidence,
all these things, for granted. Because they think they have it.
That’s why. They think, “Oh, you know,
if I trust, what will happen?” So we take it for granted. That’s why people don’t like to go into it. They think the moment they have it a little bit, that they perceive it,
they think they have a lots of trust. Just a little glimpse of the trust,
they think they are, “Yes, I am trustworthy. I trust!” They don’t know that trust
is something much deeper than that, more grand than they understand
with the mind. Because if you just say, “Oh, yes,
I read about this and I trust that.” Or, “Swamiji has said something,
I trust that.” No, just like this, is not working. Trust is something which
must grow completely. You see, it comes to a certain point
even without telling you anything, the trust is there.
You understand? I was telling that to Swami Revati, he was saying, “Oh, you know, we are very
surrendered on the spiritual path,” and all this stuff. Then I said to him, “Listen, when it comes to trust and surrender – I said to him personally –
I don’t value you as being very trustworthy.” And he asked, “Why?” Then I said, “Look, if you take for example, a certain devotee of a certain saint,
who has passed away or who has even when the saint is alive,
who has never spoken to him, the trust that they have
in the saint is amazing. For example, take Sai Baba devotees,
it’s amazing how they trust Sai Baba, even if they have never even once
spoken one word to him, and have only seen him from far away. But that trust that they gave him is sublime. For example, take even Hare Krishna people,
the trust that they have in Krishna, it’s amazing. And I said to him, “Look, if I would have not
been close to anyone of you, would you have ever trusted?
Would you have ever been near? You would have not.” That’s why I value mostly the devotees
who have this trust even being far away more than those which are near. Because those who are near,
they think they are very – how say – Eh? Very?
Advanced or special or whatever, you know. They don’t value that trust more. But people who have faith,
even without seeing – that’s what Christ said, no? “Blessed are those who believe without seeing.” They are far more advanced, because their strength and trust
that they gave into that is more. Then I said to him, “Look,
if I would be far away from you, would you be here? No, you would not be.” So to what extent really is that trust?
You understand? There is a price for it. So that’s the difference between.


  1. Master with Divine Trust there must be Divine discernment, no? Too much I've trusted then been taken advantage of to my own disadvantage, which hurt me considerably. I pray for divine discernment, so that I may see the truth in each situation. Is this not correct my glorious one?

  2. I only see your videos and sing along to your Kirtans and I have fallen in love with your Great Spirit. I have heard awful things about you, but I still trust. I can only go by what I feel, and when I see you I see PURE LOVE. Is that trust. I don't know. Love is all that matters the rest is all illusion.

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