Can worms improve hydroponic microgreens?

My name’s Jeb And I’ve got micro problems Hydroponic microgreens Only need watering once Day 7 – They grow rapidly And you don’t have to deal with this kind of stuff I’m still digging up here I’m getting rid of this grass I’m looking for earthworms The problem is Most folks that like microgreens Are not hydroponics fans Plus if they grow too long in just water They tend to go deficient This stuff would probably work But there’s got to be a more natural solution 20g castings no tea Earthworm castings Time to experiment Earthworm casting tea Ooh a glass container I need something that will block the light 10 percent bleach Only Water (Control) I’m weighing my water To make sure they all get the same amount 4 pounds=1.8 kg My scale needs some fancy calibration 10g Radish Seed One minute soak 0.3% hydrogen peroxide 20g premium aged earthworm castings 2 ounces=57 grams Covering these seeds up will Help get a consistent germination Day 1 Day 2 Uncle Stever from VermisTerra Without Tea – recommended against adding tea to unsprouted seeds With tea Day 3 The two containers on the right Received tea on day 1 Looks like I should have listened to Uncle Steve Day 4 Looks like these plants are ready to get some light I’m going to add some tea to a couple containers as well I guess I Don’t know how to draw a 4 It sure is nice Getting this old fluorescent fixture turned on again Day 5 I sorted these by how well they are growing 2oz (57g) tea (added on day 1) Water only (control) 2oz (57g) tea (added on day 4) 20g Castings 2oz (57g) tea (added on day 1) 20g castings no tea 20g castings 2oz (57g) tea (added on day 4) Day 6 Day 7 I’m noticing some real obvious differences in growth And smell Okay, yeah Aargh! That’s nasty! What about this one? Uhh Smells like earth Using tea like this is experimental So we can’t blame it for smelling the worst Back row has worm castings. Day 8 Day 9 VermisTerra voluntarily checks all it’s worm products for Bacterial contamination I’m going to rinse these ones off just to be sure Water only 16 grams harvest Spicy Worm castings 46g harvest So just adding worm castings almost tripled the harvest Plus all the stems are thicker and lusher than the water ones Worm castings early tea 38g Harvest Early tea 4g harvest Early tea reduced yield by 17 to 75 percent Late tea 19g harvest Late tea increased yield by 11 to 19 percent worm castings late tea 51g harvest So are you ready to grow your own hydroponic microgreens? Click the link in the video description for details on these worms castings Worm castings increased yield by 170 to 190 percent. Share with Friends!


  1. Only gardener on YouTube that actually attracts people that don’t garden. Very entertaining.

    When I do get my own house, I know who to go to when I want to start a garden

  2. nothing beats good old fashioned natural soil amended with worm castings, rock dust, and mycorrhiza. The tastes, flavors and nutrition can never be matched by hydro.

  3. Thank you for your very interesting experiment. I have been using our blend of beneficial soil and plant microbes in hydroponics with great results eg, spinach biomass increase of around 2.8X. Would you like to try it on yours to see how it works? Like you, I started doing this to try to make hydroponics more "organic" and am really excited by it.

  4. I'm so glad I stumbled upon your channel. Wealth of knowledge and simply brilliant. You're helping me to become a better gardener.

  5. worm castings are some of the best organic food for plants you can use. i use my own worm castings w/kelp & molasses for a tea

  6. Hate the music and it would be better without it and also it would be nice if you put a comparison table at the end of video

  7. Jeb i swear if u painted ur face u could easliy cosplay as thanos ( and vice versa) do it for kids and fun i dare u.

  8. Great choice of piece Jeb, played it with my orchestra a few months ago. It was a challenge trying to recreate the sound of a river with a wooden box, but it was great fun. Oh, and fab hydroponics. Keep it up!

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  10. I have never been more in love with gardening videos, never liked them in the past, but you give such a nice twist to them, I'm so in love with the concept of this ! the music, the commentary, and the nice close-ups! SUBSCRIBED !!

  11. Hey Jeb we follow ur your videos since 2017, we are a hydroponics retail store based in Sydney We have a resource library for our customers, and your videos are perfect content for us. Can we get your permission to repost your video on our website, we won't do any additional editing to your video, youtube has a feature that allows us to simply copy a line of code to repost your video, so we won't bother you for any other things either way. We get a decent amount of traffic to our website (15k+ monthly), this would help you get more views and subscriptions for sure.

  12. Question for all you experienced hydro people out there: I know using exclusively worm casting tea is insufficient to grow plants, but rather acts as a booster. Is there a way to make your own nutrient solution at home naturally?

  13. A proper micro green should be harvested before the energy from the seed is depleted imo.
    Another good vid jeb old boy

  14. Jeb. Please reupload exact same video with the title "can worms improve my life?" And start it with the "ooh a glass container" scene

  15. These micro greens look incredible! The people that are not educated to these processes are beyond clueless.
    Very exciting information. Every time I have used worm castings or a tea from them it has made the soil a thousand fold full of nutrients for my plants/ food. Keep on posting videos; this information is very much needed. Your music is very appreciated!

  16. Rather watch these videos than movies ..literally worth every minute. Perfect amount of entertainment along with every detail needed for us growers…love it… u shud b making commercials lol…

  17. Hey man … I just stumbled on your video … I've been working on aquaponics as a hobby for a while now and ma. I gotta say … I absolutely love your video so far. A different kind of video.
    P.s. nice scale 😉

  18. Great content, would you let us know what type of screen or mesh you used is made out of plastic or metal? I am concerned abt rusting… Would you share a link pls if it is available on Amazon? Thank you

  19. I already had dinner and these things are making my water mouth, god damnit… Excuse my ignorance on the subject, but I see this "microgreens" craze all around, and I wonder "where do all the seeds come from??" Isn't that terribly expensive? Could someone elaborate on that?

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