Carmel Valley Ranch A Bee’s Life Beekeeping Experience (Carmel Valley Quick Escape)

Hello Bloggineers. This is our Southern California quick escape to Carmel Valley. And we’re going to show you the fun things you can do here. Our first stop is Garland Ranch Regional Park. [Brother] Oh, look at the lizard! This is a free family-friendly public park featuring hiking, horseback riding, jogging, bird-watching and other activities. First, we’re checking out the visitor center. This is where you can learn about local plants and wildlife. It’s time to go hiking. [Brother] We’re taking the short cut trail to the barn. This park is home to a variety of landscapes our elevations from 200 to 2,000 feet. We have reached the barn which is a reminder of Carmel Valley’s past. [Brother] I’m looking inside the outhouse. Nice catch. We had so much fun here. Our next stop is Earthbound Farms. Founded in 1984, this company is committed to cultivate a healthier world through organic food and farming. We’re going to sample some frozen yogurt and celery juice. There are also activities here at the farm such as cornhole. I’m smelling some rosemary at the herb garden. Lastly, Brother and I are playing in the labyrinth. Let’s head to our next destination. Now we’re at the Moto Talbott Motorcycle Museum. Founded in 2016, this museum features more than 170 motorcycles from a dozen countries. The man is showing us how you start the motorcycle with this device. We’re looking at a bike used for flat track racing. This vehicle .ooks like an Airstream. The motorcycles you find here don’t conform to any one genre, so you can see all types of bikes here. Pristine award winners are displayed here, as well as model trains. Now we’re going downstairs. You can see more of the collection in this gallery. [Brother] Can I plug with the toy cars? You can ride this motorcycle on ice because of its specially designed wheels. Brother and I are hopping on the 1974 Indian mini sidecar. The museum founder, Rob Talbott, is best known as the father of the world-famous Talbott Vineyard. He also ran a business called Talbott Ties. We had a fun and educational time here. Now we’re at Carmel Valley Ranch, and we’ll be spending the rest of the day here. Carmel Valley Ranch is a sophisticated playground for all ages. They offer many fun daily activities, and the first one we’re going to check out is Chicken Chat: Hens of Carmel Valley Ranch. Now we’re going to feed the chicken. We’re picking up some kale. Next, we’re picking inside the hen house where the chickens lay their eggs. Here chicky chicky chicky. [Brother] The chicken ate my kale Now the staff is showing us how to feed the starch to the chickens by hand. You have to open your palm wide so the chicken won’t peck your skin. [Brother] It feels kind of ticklish. This was a fun activity. Now the golf cart is gonna take us to our room. I’m going to give you a tour of our suite. First is the living room. There’s a flat screen TV. A coffee maker. And a mini-fridge. And a sofa that can turn into a bed. And a dining table. [Brother] Hello. And this is the bedroom with a king-size bed, sofa, and another flat screen TV. And a fireplace! Let me show you the balcony. And there’s a little sitting area out here. What a great view. And over here is the… [Brother] Bathroom! [Brother] So there is a sink. [Brother] A robe. [Brother] A shower. [Brother] And a tub. [Brother] And there’s a toilet. [Brother] With tissues. [Brother] There’s a sticker. [Brother] Bye bye! We’re taking the shuttle back to the organic garden for our next activity. Now we’re doing the Bee’s Life experience. The class begins with a hive science discussion with Mr. Chris. [Mr. Chris] It’s the outside of the hive. So this is where they’re gonna put their nectar and their honey and their pollen. [Mr. Chris] And then you can see the frames from this side. Now he’s taking us outside to show us how the bees get into the hive. How does he not get stung by the bees? Next we’re learning about different types of bees and how they make honey. [Mr. Chris] How much honey can one bee make? Half a gallon? [Mr. Chris] Wow, that’s generous. [Mr. Chris] Actually, a honey bee can make one twelfth of one teaspoon. Now it’s time to sample some honey. Mr. Chris brought out a variety of flavors. [Mr. Chris] One stick per taste. Next we’re visiting the medicinal herb garden to learn about how flowers get pollinated. Oh look, there’s a little ladybug. II’s time to get suited up and head into the apiary. Let’s do this. Mr. Chris is filling up the smoker, and it will be Brother’s job to pump the smoke. We have reached the hive installations, and Mr. Chris is instructing Brother to pump smoke into the front door. The smoke creates an opportunity for us to open the beehive when colony’s defensive response is interrupted. Mr. Chris is pulling out a frame. And he’s handing it to me. I gotta be careful so I don’t smash any bees. We had an educational time at A Bee’s Life. Now we’re going a guided hike on the Ridge View Trail. This is a moderate-difficult trail that leads you to the spectacular ridge above the ranch. The most challenging part was Huff N Puff because it was really steep. Our guide is showing us seashell fossils embedded in the rock because this place will underwater millions of years ago. Hurry up Brother, we are falling behind from the rest of the group. [Brother] It’s time for a water break. This is it, this is the final stretch. We made it to the top, and what a great view. We’re hiking back down to our next activity. Now it’s time for grazing with goats. There are three generations of the same goat family here at the ranch. What’s this goat doing on the ground? [Brother] These two kids are bumping heads. Brother don’t be scared of the goats. They won’t bite. Brother has worked up his courage to pet the animals. These goats are so cute. I wish I could feed them. All of a sudden, this one started chewing on my clothes. The goat thinks my shirts yummy. We had so much fun here. Ow. He bit me. Now we’re going to go swimming up the River Ranch. This is the family-friendly pool for all ages. I’ll race you to the other side. [Brother] I’m playing in the splash pad. It’s time for Taco Tuesday, which features authentic tacos with all the fixings. Now we’re playing game of bocce. We’re returning to the lodge for our final activity of the day. [Brother] Now it’s time to make s’mores! We’re gathering around the fire pit to make these campfire classics. [Brother] It’s sticky. [Brother] And it’s sweet. [Brother] And crunchy. [Brother] Yeah, it’s good. We had so much fun in Carmel Valley. Please hit the subscribe button and remember to look for your own adventure. Our first stop is the… [Police siren] [Brother] Arrgh. Bad guy.

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