Charlotte’s Web (5/10) Movie CLIP – Charlotte’s Web (2006) HD

Um, not to be
too much trouble, but have you
figured something out? Not yet,
but it’s like a web. You make it, you wait,
and something always comes. Good night, Charlotte. Good night, Wilbur. And swing. And stick. And loop. And back up, stick, and… Hmm.


  1. …only this movie….whether it be the old 2d animated version or this one…..can make a creepy ass little thing that causes so much fear into people(myself included)….look beautiful

  2. this is the reason what I love spiders  is the way they make the web the web it's self is a miracle

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  4. How the author of the original book, the people who made the cartoon back in 1973 and the actors/voice actors made Charlotte so lovable is beyond me, and I have huge arachnophobia, but somehow I want to be friends with Charlotte, how did they do that?! Other than that I wanna know the name of this part of the soundtrack, I can't seem to find it.

  5. I am arachnophobe but cannot stop watching this, it makes me see that there is beauty in a spider too. a phobia can be irrational sometimes, I did not ask for this panic attacks, but watching this helped me to stay calm, to think about the spider as an animal and a living being, instead of a bug to crush

  6. Say whatever you want about this movie, but I will always give it credit for the design of Charlotte. Her mannerisms, movements, and appearance are all true-to-life. It actually feels like I'm looking at a spider onscreen, yet they still put so much human character and emotion into her voice, it's just so good

  7. Charlotte is absolutely terrifying yet I love her so much and her web is sooo pretty and the way she makes it. I love this part a lot especially when she says "aaaand swing" and "aaand cut" and all that. From this movie I can probably relate to the horse the most. 😂

  8. I actually find spiders beautiful and watching them make their webs is a very interesting experience. They are like nature’s little artists 😊

  9. lmao ! I fuccin hate spiders ! But this movie made me realize that they are beautiful in there own way !

  10. Is that Dany Elfman? I swear, he is the only composer I can recognize. I think it's cause he tends to use a chorus but I can recognize the piexe without a chorus so I'm not sure what truly sets him apart.

  11. I'm actually scared to death of spiders but Charlotte is an exception. She is so cute and sweet and beautiful!

  12. Templeton: why would I worry about wilbur?

  13. Spider webs: check
    Danny Elfman music: check

    Anyone else getting Spider-Man Trilogy flashbacks?

  14. After watching charlotte work so hard for makun that web id always respected spiderwebs around in our garden…

  15. I've run into so many spiders, but none like Charlotte. I they were as graceful as her maybe I wouldn't be so afraid of them

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