Chef Barbie and Ken cook in the Ultimate Kitchen for Fairies! | Barbie Story Box | Barbie

(raining) – Are you kidding me? Could this dinner get any worse? – [Narrator] This is
the Barbie production. (upbeat music) – Pizza won’t be here
for another 20 minutes. And I starving. – Well, you know
we have time for? – [Narrator] Time to see
what’s in the story box. – I have the best chef
in the world, right here. Let’s get this
dinner party started! (upbeat music) – Barbie. – Wow! – I hear you’re the
best chef around. I’m throwing a dinner
party for my friends, and I would love if
you can come too. And also cooks for us. – I’d love to! But I never cooked food for–
– Yay, gonna run. See you at 3:00 sharp
fairies eat early. (crickets chirping) – What in the world
do fairies eat? – I could make my famous pizzas. – They’re fairies! It needs to be extra special. – I heard that fairies love
to eat glittery things. – Are you sure about that ken? – Yeah, I read it
on the internet. That’s why fairies have
such a sparkly skin. You are what you eat. – Actually, I did pick
up some sparkle berries from the field yesterday. It’s fate! – Great! And I have some glitter dressing I can throw on a gummy salad. – Good thinking,
let’s get to work! (upbeat music) (applause) – Girls, Barbie is the
best chef on the planet. – [Girl With Orange
Hair] I can wait to taste what Barbie cooked for us. – [Girl With Yellow
Blouse] I’m so hungry. – I’ve no doubt this will be
a dinner we’ll never forget. – So sorry we’re late. – [All Little
Girls] Dinner party! – Dear fairies, I just
want to say thank you for always helping me and
being such good friends. – Thank you for cooking. – [Girl With Orange
Hair] We can’t wait. – We hope you enjoy
this fairy feast. Dig in! (crunching) Well how is it? – Are these sparkle berries? – Yeah, I picked them myself. – I’m afraid fairies are
allergic to sparkle berries. – Oh no! – Sorry Barbie, I can’t believe
that internet was wrong. (suspense music) (thunder booming) – Are you kidding me? Could this dinner get any worse? (helicopter whirring) What was that? (suspense music) (screaming) (Birds singing) So, do you guys wanna come
over to my house for dinner? (doorbell chime) – Who’s ready for pizza? – Pizza is my favorite? How’d you guess? (upbeat music) – [Girl Holding Barbie]
That dinner was amazing, thanks Barbie. – How did you know that
fairies like pizza so much? – Speaking of pizza, can
I get the last slice? – Go for it, I’m stuffed. (laughs) – What stories will you tell? (upbeat music) – [Narrator] Barbie
playsets and doll packs each sold separately. Batteries not included. Adult assembly required. – [Girl] This is a
Barbie Production. (bright pop music)


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