Chessington North and Hook – Gardening Project

We’re doing a gardening project. We’re on
Woodgate Avenue & Mansfield Road. This is a lovely green space.It’s got so much potential, in terms of making it more beautiful, and something
for local people to enjoy. So it’s just about getting local people together to
beautify our neighbourhood. We are here today to support the local community
of Woodgate Avenue, here in Chessington. The project led by Cllr Archer where
we’re looking to reestablish the lovely pollinater beds along the edge of the wayside here. Unfortunately it’s raining, but there are some good
old hardy people out digging and raking. So we will be planting some beautiful flowers
later on. So yeah, it’s good! We got a whole selection of herbaceous perennial
plants which are going into the beds here today. The ones we got here are variety of
Verbena – Verbena bonariensis, which probably beautiful sort of
purple lollipop flowers on the top. These are fantastic for attracting
bees and other pollinators. They got the RHS Bee-friendly
seal of approval, and these and other species are going in
today I hope we’re gonna provide a lovely floral display along the end of
the wayside garden here. We’re doing as much as we can with the resources
we have, but we are gonna put some colour in. We’re going to fill with everything that are hardy – 
weather resistant and bug resistant. Just for people to enjoy, and hopefully
get some enjoyment as they walk pass to work and school. We’ve got some lavender. We’ve got some wild geraniums which are kind of plump forming a ground cover which will hopefully suppress the weeds, and
then we’ve got a few specimen shrubs to add a bit of height and interest as well; things
like Choisya ternata and some euonymus. This is the first of many days we’re gonna
be working on this, because it’s a big space, there is loads of potential.
So if you couldn’t make it today, I’ll let you know by social media when it’s going to be and when we’re going to be down here again. What we find here in Kingston is
the local communities are fantastic, and getting involved in
myself and my colleagues and the Council putting together a
support network to empower local people to take ownership of
their local Green spaces and improve them for the wildlife, for people,
and for local communities. So it’s a big part of our mission here in the Borough. If you’ve got a Green space, maybe
on your road or in your neighbourhood that you’d love to see get the same treatment, just get in touch with me. I’m Steph Archer.
And we will see what we can do. We’d love to see more of this
around Chessington to make our neighborhood more beautiful.

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