Chicken Little Ace in Action All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (Wii, PS2)

commanders log space a2 a3 point for the
intergalactic battle barn ie the heifer is returning from the super cluster
where we’ve successfully thwarted a mutant black hole and save millions and
billions of lives my team blitz mistress fish along with my savvy leadership and
undefeated command record let’s become the greatest power for good in the
entire galaxy great work team another mission accomplished
all systems are online and sir we are receiving a transmission from president
turkey-lurkey on screen so glad you check in sir 52 collected graduations
I’ve had enough to hear you hear me do hear faster beyou your commander
Thank You mr. fish everyone just keep nodding sir I’m picking up a distress
call it appears to be coming from the planet Pluto something that’s me a mr.
fish it sounds like Morton buff ruff of the
control planetary penitentiary also breached it’s up to commander ace little
and his crew to find out why together they will embark on a perilous epic
Space Odyssey of impending doom and search for a secret weapon that could
threaten the entire galaxy whoo this sounds pretty good I borrowed
it from fish it’s the prequel of the game loosely based on the movie which
was even more loosely based on our lives Wow my fictional whiteness is spot-on
it’s like I’m looking into a mirror why must they have a supermodel with the
kindergarten IQ and a Windtunnel brain representing me don’t worry about it
Abby she doesn’t come close to your elegance Oh
Chicken Little you are too sweet Shh you small pine trees cuz it’s getting
awfully sappy in here it’s sappy just reboot already let the justice begin I’m
sending the away team to scout out the area and the away team is me soon as you
fish I know protocol says I should send expendable crew members but we use them
all up on our last mission I’ve got to show these vile
punctures a felony that I made patience nice alliteration sir thank you wish me
luck good luck access denied who are you please identify commander
you’ve tripped the automatic prison defense system I meant to do just that I
merely want to see if my team could get me out a training exercise to keep you
alert all right we’re coming over and passing that level for us baby
my vaunted swimming lessons walk home after school with me tomorrow mom’s
making pancakes in whatever shape I want oh yeah I’m thinking dinosaurs hi yes
okay runt your turn hey no time I’m writing a birthday song for my grandma
why don’t you ever ask me to play because girls don’t like playing video
game Oh contraire modern Mallard says that more and more girls are playing
games every day because they’re mentally challenging teach pattern recognition
and make for an intense cognitive workout that develops not only we hike
ordination but feather dexterity yeah who are we talking about Aleksey oh it’s back to prison for you a
scalp cake you look fabulous as ever but again I leave you as the flustered hero
in our ongoing romantic tragedy we break up I break out and that gives you all
broke snap y’all can do this yes you can you’ve got skills this bank will guide
you through its banks I am so sorry no wooden I’m sorry
Oh run you cold commander runt my friend warden
ruff is one of the good guys let’s keep him in one piece I’ll try to be gentle
shit further than it is what rough start what about me
just get the scandal fish beam me back runt meet you on board will do commit mr. fish are you tracking them no they
jumped to triple hypersonic warp speed too quickly however I traced their final
transmission to the Omicron quadrant of Saturn’s inner ring before I but why
there are three licensed facilities in that quadrant lilies Galactic floral
arrangements Zeke’s lube and fleet were there and
dank laboratories I have to go off my gut instincts and my gizzard is telling
me to go alphabetically Abbi plot a course to Saturn yeah I’m bad
who’s bad you back yeah little is Ronde you want to play the next level no way
I’m too invested in the characters to have their lives depending on me I mean
if they died and it was my fault I couldn’t live with myself I’d get a
total complex and ghetto booty freak out because you’re what’s on the problem
with me puffy cloud ocean breeze cotton candy finding my happy place and I’m
calm okey-dokey commanders log space date 49 8 3 – semi colon forward slash 6
we’ve reached dak laboratories although peaceful and appearance who knows what
darkness may lie we’ll be on light-medium Red Alert mr.
fish Heil tank laboratories yeah what do you want this is commander little of the
IBB heifer hey I’m Caesar Louisa I’m the proprietor of this fine establishment
we’ve got the most gaseous combustible this night of Callisto
we’ve tracked a transmission sent by the nefarious Foxy Loxy to this quadrant we
wish to duck immediately having a problem with the yunkish hmm he’s hiding
something I can feel it right this whistle thing will have to
wait crew to your battle stations happy
evasive action are you ready to knock them dead ready is ever ace blender I I
don’t know how it happened with hey what what are you doing skipping the movie we
could be missing vital information come on
they’re boring and never advance the plot Tabby’s right how can you care for
the safety of your crew and not know the next objective you just ignore
information like it’s a 40 day old bag of Steel potato chips they’re putting
their lives on the line for you runt hope you quit now look I just want to
blow stuff up men yeah you’re the ones trespass and illegal searchin and
hurting my arm we know you’re selling fuel to Foxy Loxy
so I sold the dam a couple containers a guess two hundred billion tons to be
precise what is she using it for you see that you see my hand shakin nope cuz it
ain’t you know why I weren’t stretching Punk’s like you for breakfast suggest
you all eat my silent treatment cuz I don’t dance for nobody
ha you give me no choice mr. fish the guppy mind-meld whoa whoa guppy what ooh
hey porkchop watch the fern Oh when I was seven I shaved my baby sister
like a naked mole rat and blamed it on my brother and then in the fifth grade
bus tour with mr. fish to his check keep going keep going try there that’s all I
know about foxy you gotta believe me why that foxy promise me trillions in cash
and complete control of Saturn for the fuel but I don’t know what it’s for she
never told me where are the shipments going I never knew goosey was handling
them and where’s goosey 1g station on Mars it’s all I know about foxy you
gotta believe me to Mars 0:08
Oh give me a break Oh Chicken Little oh right Oh candy wrapper me goosey is
likely to be in this area here and abandon agricultural colony that once
harvested highly volatile plant life right Abbi bring us now runt prepare to
disembark good Abbi yeah slow drive right high drop cried staying focused
staying frosty keep your eyes on the prize it’s right in front of your crash
wish me luck happy huh good luck ace what are you doing we’re about to
undertake a full-out assault against evil farmer robotic and you’re flirting
with a bee in your head in the game now why are you here what a bucket hair
you tool it gross not on my popcorn we’re on gotcha tabi where are you mr. president
Abby captured goosey we haven’t found Foxy’s hiding place yet but runts
inquiring into the matter as we speak she took heaven she took my you what
what have you done with Abby ash no bloom she’s my bargaining chip
I wore my hair on her pretty little head now sweet kicks you know the drill here
are my demands the crew of the IDB ever surrenders to
me yadda yadda president Lackey turns over the Galactic government eccentric
cetera or I’ll destroy the earth with that I converted you’re helping me into my
bedroom a push of this button which send it on a potion or sugar kicks my page
with another vegetable idea a timer excessive I’m all about except honey try
to stop me and I might not just not forget about not harming your freshest
Abby so you won’t harm panelist commander boss who’s dead of operation
has hidden deep inside the core of the moon we can assume wherever she is Abby
will be to go to work run CH get up to the bridge and take the helm
I’ve got to think of a plan I’ve got commander we’re approaching the moon
activate cloaking device I’ve located Abbey’s position via her
uniform comlink Barack impossible Foxy’s den is surrounded by a mysterious
thermonuclear signature if we beamed Abby up it could scramble her DNA
I won’t take that chance we’ll go to lunch get ready to blast through the
lunar surface much lighter this is familiar where’s Abby ace they offer
still girls you owe me ruling the galaxy together
it’s such a romantic idea you’re going down a path I cannot follow not another
step Oh Abbie is that you what have you done
to her you monster hey that hurts just like when you dumped me for her at least get her condition stopped over
whatever you ask just spare her surprise Tommy
Abby there’s no hope for me now leave me behind
what’s important is the mission don’t give up
not now what I brought you first-aid kit at a girl
Oh ace hold me like you did by the pond at Oakey Oaks ha ha ha
soiled run is disabled your vegetables and thrusters all you’ve got now is a
hollowed-out rock you can’t even throw it may not fly
but I can still lower job and with you in it I know it’s bad now my dog scared
Abbi we’re on our way she’s getting away
last u-ace Oh baby what I swept you out of my revenge when you least expect it I
knew I hit you good work mr. fish Abby you’re trembling
it’s only because I I love you know I love you I love you more
mmm Abby remind me to kiss you when we’re back on board right your knee is
digging into my spine commanders log space day 2 comma 10 –
equals backslash 6 I rewarded my valiant crew for their sacrifice and hard work
Thank You commander speechless I know you don’t have to say a thing great work ace I know you wouldn’t let
me down we’ll see you at the award ceremony huh
be set a course for Oakey Oaks I’ve got some glory to bask in ion thrusters
ahead flow what the justice begin yes I get it
whoo that was an awesome adventure no that was an awesome love story ace could
have had the galaxy movement with Fonzie but he chosen Abby and then he saved her
when she lost that one and then Abby ended up saving a front and the entire
world I mean it was perfect whoa can i play the credit okay oh boy
whoa watch out here they come jiù jiù jiù Oh me for coming waves joon-ha – haha not so tough when you’re
missing all your vows Oh since Europe’s I hate Walker poo look at
that Brit again attack attack take this oh but watch yourself I’m a pig with a
plan not so smart with 100 help oh I’m gonna scramble your name – even your
mama doesn’t know who you are does Kim have a straight button


  1. maybe Ace had to let Foxy down gently because he love's Abby(he only pretended to love her while she was madly inlove with Ace) he and foxy didn't work out
    he only had to be easy with her till she went evil and that's what she get


  3. Foxy kidnapping Abby as revenge for capturing goosey as well as ace dumping her for Abby instead of ruling the galaxy with her was the worst part😭😭😫. And how dare she torture Abby in front of her boyfriend 😖😧😡

  4. Abby + Ace = The perfect couple❤️❤️❤️

    Tbh such a shame they didn't show a scene with the two of them kissing, cuz the age rate is 7+ 😝

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