1. you are supposed to recycle some honey for food. processed sugar is terrible for their overall health, as it is for our health to. grow wildflowers bro and don't be so greedy with the honey. 🙂

  2. Water is chemical. Sugar is chemical. Don't do that again chucklehead! BTW, I like your video. Use the word chemical one more time and I'll…

  3. 99c for a pound? That is the cost for a kilogram (2.2 pounds) in Europe. We are fucked with the gas price but also with the sugar, Japaneese cars, guns, computer hardware. SHIT!

  4. Hey Cody I was wondering what would happen if bees gathered nectar from stevia flowers. Would the honey contain both stevia compounds and sugar. It'd be cool if you tried this since i couldn't find answers on the internet. That'd be a super sweet honey for sure though.

  5. I'm picturing someone checking out at the grocery store and they just see Cody rolling past with an entire cart full of sugar

  6. Hey Cody if you haven't already can you give us an update on how your hive is doing; and also maybe show us how you check for parasites, and if so, do you freeze the brood frames or use other methods to control them? I hear that tracheal mites are easier to deal with – a eucalyptus mist or some such. Thanks for this post! I learned a lot.

  7. can't ya still get the mite strips try adding Apple juice and grape juice to your false nectar not a bunch because it would ferment but a half gallon to five gallon of sugar water shouldnt cook off into alcohol of course only put out enough to feed so that's it's consumed quickly and refrigerate what ya don't feed so it won't spoil

  8. against mites…vaporizing formic acid after summer honeycrop…and dribling oxalicacid solution in broodfree period in winter..proven to be effective…

  9. How do you sit right in front of your hive.
    My hive will sting me if im 5 feet away!
    It is un believable!

  10. Anyone remembering Homer defending the pile of sugar with a baseball bat and being stung by the swarm of bees shortly after?

  11. How do decide when to wear protective equipment? Not beeing 🐝😉 sarcastic, legitimate question lol love these videos 👍🏻

  12. "Its like cannabis for bees" lol our boy Cody loves the devils lettuce 😂🤣 just goes to show cannabis doest make you dumb. Dumb people are born that way.

  13. CODY, You need to wake up, if you're feeding your bees sugar, you're obviously doing something wrong, sugar is considered junk food for bees do your research. You're Expecting way too much given your environment to sustain that large of a population. You don't have enough flowers in the area for that large the population. When the bees do not eat natural pollen and nectar, they become unhealthy and cannot fight off mites. They need minerals and amino acids from the nectar and pollen. Become more organized, focus on quality not quantity.

  14. Organic food fadists: "chemicals are evil and should never be used for anything, science is on our side"
    Science: "a chemical is any form of matter and it's impossible for anything to exist without them, especially life which relies on chemical reactions to survive"

  15. If the honey bee healthy smells(so much that you can recognise it when you open the super), have that set off any robbing problems?(sry for my awful spelling)

  16. Adding chems to bees sounds a lot like adding immunizations to children. I am sure your bees are showing sign of autism. This video sponsored by Monsanto.

  17. What nutrient are you using our can you recommend? I've always used 2:1 with no nutrient but keen to give it a try

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