College of Agriculture and Life Sciences: Cheryl M. Keithly ’64

Cheryl Keithly earned a bachelor’s degree
in Home Economics Education in the 1960s. She remembers that as a University of
Arizona undergraduate, she was curious about all those old people that converged
on campus during homecoming weekend. Back then she recalls, I had no concept
of what being an alumnus meant. Today, she exemplifies the Wildcat for
Life Spirit. Supporting and promoting the College
of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and the Norton School of Family and
Consumer Sciences. As well as her local community, and various boards across the country
that serve numerous ministries, public policy organizations, and
other educational institutions. Although she lives in Yuma, Cheryl
serves on a number of campus boards, including the CALS Alumni Council Board
of Directors, and the Norton School Council of Alumni and
Friends. both of which she has led as president, as
well as the Norton School Advisory Board, and the UA Alumni Association Wildcat for
Life Leadership Council. She and her husband Kelly are also
members of the Ag 100 Council, which includes agribusiness
leaders from around Arizona. Cheryl and Kelly are also substantial
financial supporters of the college and the Norton School. Both personally and through their
business, Keithly William Seeds. Their donations have contributed
to facilities renovations, endowments, scholarships,
alumni events, and more. As for the old people who come
back to campus for a homecoming, Cheryl reports, now we are a part of
them and have been for a long time. For her tireless dedication
to the college and its students, the UA Alumni Association
is honored to name Cheryl Keithly it’s alumna of the year for the College
of Agriculture and Life Sciences.

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