Commercial Beekeepers Loader Rodeo

hi I’m Humberto Boncristiani and this is
inside the hive. TV the show that takes you into the world of bees. And last week
we just finished an annual meeting of Florida State Beekeepers Association and
I have to say that it was an incredible experience It was a fantastic meeting,
very well organized, we talked a lot about many different aspects of
beekeeping there was very productive discussions about research and nutrition
varroa destructor the directions that’s going to take about beekeeping in the
state of Florida it was a fantastic meeting I want to take the opportunity to say
thank you to the organizers for inviting me to talk. But what I want to
talk about today is about a fun game that I saw at the end of this meeting
the commercial beekeepers have a very interesting game to decide with the
faster beekeeper they’re able to load and unload pallets of bees in a truck
check this out! But the best part of this event was when
I was recording with my camera and I caught some guys saying that the girls
in that event didn’t have any chance to win well check this out. Congratulations Taylor you are the best
you not only won, you smash them. you have all my respect thank you very
much that was fun to watch. That’s it for today it is a very short video just to
share this fantastic event that I participate last week I hope you
enjoyed. Hit the LIKE button if you liked it SHARE with friends and family leave
your comment if you have something to say. Thanks for watching! Inside the hive.TV the show about bees.


  1. Great video , be interested to know in another video what new things were discussed at the bee conference on florid , Peter Australia.

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