Cover crop planting using an implement mount air-seeder

Hi my name is Francisco Arriaga. I’m an extension specialist in there of soil and water management, University of Wisconsin extension program and the department of soil science. Today we’re here trying to show you different ways that farmers figure out to establish cover crops in the fall. An example that we have here to show you here, it’s an air seeder mounted a piece of equipment that a producer made himself, put a couple of things together. So we have an air seeder connect it to the frame of a reduced tillage implement. As you can see here, the seed goes into this hopper, gets blown through that fan into different hoses, and come out of this tube and hit this dispersion plate, and then they get spread around in an even manner. You can see several here and then we have a reduced tillage implement like i mentioned on the bottom where helps incorporate and very some of that seed so we get proper establishment so as you saw earlier to see coming out of the air tubes in the front they need the special plate and then right then the village implement follows and you can see that tines then incorporate the seed into the ground and if you look in here and try to look for some of that seed that he’s putting his putting rice-eating he’s putting up fairly heavy rate you cannot find it so the implement itself is going to really good job of incorporating that feeding and ensuring that we have proper establishment for these cover crop and still leaving a lot of residue on the surface to protect that soil the main purpose for the south end of this cover crop in this particular case the farmer wants to build up the organic matter in the soil and also try to reduce the ocean because this little bit of a sensitive area and you know few years that he’s been doing this is already seen some differences here for more information please contact your local County Extension Office or the website listed below

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