Cover Crops after Corn Silage: Soils, Comparing Rye to No Cover

Hello, I’m Brian Brisky. I work for NRCS
out of the Altoona Area office. Out here today doing some cover crop evaluations.
And what we’re gonna be looking at just kind of some physical differences. What
we got going on here actually is, we got a couple different treatments. This
treatment over here is a continuous, on my right, is a continuous corn silage
without a cover. Over here is continuous corn silage with a cover. Just a couple
of things before I even start digging it, I kind of look at. As I look at the soil
surface here again it’s very smooth. I can see from the spring rains we’ve
probably had some sheet, a little bit of sheet movement here. This thing wasn’t
armored. I do see a few spots where we had some worms present. Over on this side, I have rye at about six inches tall. We’re picking up definitely, I would say
visually, a higher higher worm activity. You got a mitten (worm hole) here, one here, one here, one here, one over here. So again I see a couple different differences there. Next
thing what I’m gonna do is, it’s fork season, so I I want to empower anybody
that has a fork in the garden shed, it’s not quite potato season yet, let’s get
out here do some digging. So I’m gonna dig into this ground here and I’m gonna
I’m gonna call this it’s kind of I call it the pot test we’re gonna pop it see
what we got here you notice this comes out in one big kind of clump here on
this side I’m going to go in here and I roll a cereal right got our little
velcro rips going on there and I’m gonna bring that over here now the thing
that’s interesting about this is is we notice how easily just this just
shatters apart and we got what I call really tilty or granular granular
structure here this is something that I want to really be trying to plant my
corn into on this side here again I can see I have I have my big crust layer
probably a weaker aggregate here where got smashed down this thing here just it
it doesn’t break apart as as good as this as we can see this power of this
ride road has definitely created a different environment for us so with
that being said I just want to just reiterate here with the width or I it’s
not necessarily what’s going on on top it’s also what’s going on underneath you

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