Craven 4-H Gardening Camp – Cultivating Fun

The idea for the gardening camp got
started because we are located in Duffyfield which is a section of New Bern
that is a low-income, low-access area when the garden got started we noticed
that some of the children from the Rec Center would come by, and it would be November and they would be asking me for strawberries and things that were out of
season. So that kind of clued in to my head that there were quite a few young
people running around that really didn’t understand seasonality because of their
accessibility to get things year-round in the grocery stores. So we start by
talking about the soil and what things are needed to incorporate good soil, and
to make soil, and then we proceed to the seeds so they understand what is the
process that the seed goes through we talk about the plants and what the stems
are, the leaves, are how they work. What does the root do? How does the plant feed itself? What does it need in order to thrive? And then we finish up with
talking about the fruit the flowers and the different things that the plant
provides for you. They get to pick some of their own fruit. They had a chance to
make their own concrete leaves out of elephant ears, and that’s something that
they’ll have that they can put out in their yard and they can remember their
4-h camp. They also got a chance to take some seeds home with them and plant
those. It’s just a great – a great camp. They get a chance to get their own
tools, aprons, sun-hats. We talk about safety in the garden, what you need to do
to protect yourself and all kinds of things like that. And it’s really, really a fun time for them I think. 🎵🎵

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