Create a Perennial Pollinator Garden

Make your yard a haven for butterflies, hummingbirds,
bees, and other pollinators with our easy tips for creating a low-maintenance, gorgeous
perennial pollinator garden. When creating a pollinator garden it’s important
to have a big mix of species — the more different kinds of plants you have, the better. If you’re
looking to attract butterflies, it’s especially important to include host plants (these are
the plants the caterpillars eat the leaves of) as well as flowers to attract the adult
butterflies. Attract the early-season bees and butterflies
by planting dianthus. This low-growing groundcover practically smothers itself in fragrant blooms
so it’s beautiful and functional. Lavender is a sure-fire bet for attracting
butterflies and bees to your yard. This easy-care, drought-tolerant, sweetly fragrant plant is
a favorite of everybody. Salvia is one of the most versatile plants
in the garden. There are annual and perennial varieties that come in just about every color.
There’s a wide variety of shapes and sizes — they’re practically irresistible for butterflies,
bees, and hummingbirds. Kniphofia, also called red-hot poker, is an
easy-care perennial that sends up really interesting spikes of flowers throughout the summer. Hummingbirds
can’t resist it. Don’t forget about scabiosa, also called pincushion
flower. This one starts blooming in late spring and continues all the way through the fall.
The flowers are great for cutting in bouquets but also attract lots and lots of butterflies. So use these simple tips and incorporate these
plants and you can enjoy beautiful pollinators and flowers in your garden all season long.

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