Crop Circle Theorist Thinks the Truth is Out There


  1. Do you believe it is one civilization leaving these crop circles, or multiple civilizations from the same world of their lives or totally multiple groups from all different civilizations from all across the universe? Interesting…

  2. This is why I doubt this information without being derrogotary if there is an alien species that are more advanced than humans and they want us to acknowledge their existence why dont they declare themselves and help a desperate humanity with disease mortality war and economic and ecological crisis and religious dichotomy 🍃🍃

  3. So you failed your math test, and you thought this is the easiest and laziest way to earn a living, by destroying other people’s backbreaking hard work.

  4. So, these crop patterns are just there for the average humans to hopefully understand of what's being said rather then the government.
    As these outside beings aren't so much interested in the government but normal humans directly?, is that what he's saying?.

    Sure the government or shadow government within a shadow government knows enough to scare the entire planet into oblivion.

    I have the feeling that our awakening is slow and brain draining..

  5. started in 1991, just the time computerised farming equipment came out ? Can all be done with computerised tractor, cutters.

  6. What's strange about these things is that some people truly believe that advanced ET's or inter-dimensional beings are leaving us cryptic messages of some nature.  I ask, why go through all the trouble of making crop circles and destroying a farmer's barleycorn when it would be so easy to knock on our doors or leave us a post-it, for crisake.

  7. Some crop circles are made by people and some aren’t. We can tell which ones are made by people quickly and decisively. People kill the plants and the ones that are not made by people are made stronger and heartier.

  8. Is it not curious that the very first crop circles were primitive and over time they became so complex as though someone or something was slowly getting the hang of it?  Is it not curiouser that there are universities and colleges in the area of Wilteshire; and, it would not seem outa the ordinary that there are secret societies within sororities and fraternities that may be in competition doing these?  Is it not even more curiouser that the local communities are selling posters, t-shirts, alien bobble-heads; and, with the increase in tourism, it improves the local economies?  It has been shown that the use (of portable microwave magnetrons) bends the stalks at right angles at the nodules, where water content is the highest. These circles are being made by humans and always have been.  They feed off those who are gullible and continue to listen to the same old arguments brought on by those who believe in the paranormal, those who sit out in the crops circles doing yoga and chanting or wearing pyramids on their heads, or those selling books.  Some humans are brilliant and extraordinarily creative.  Give your species some credit, for crisake!

  9. 27 years this entity from Mars has been fraudulently scamming earthlings!
    Thiamine deficiency looking for drama. #hoax

    Debunking crop circles
    Doug and Dave were some of the BIGGEST frauds in all of MODERN HISTORY, yet the Fake News Media spread their story as if it were true, and most of the English and other people fell for it hook, line and sinker. What does that say about us as a species?

  10. It are cro formations and not crop circels. It has just little to do with a circle it are complex forms with much more complex forms

  11. mother earths art work no aliens the earth is alive plasma as a tool something natural is the answer nature devas helping.

  12. i'd like to add an answare to the question about retriving messages from crop circles : ( as seen in another documetary) some people ported the 2d image of a crop circle into CAD and used the available command to transform it into a 3d shape. the result was some sort of machine.
    do a research and see for yourself.

  13. I have been fascinated by this phenomena for almost 40yrs , more so than even the nazca lines , along this journey there have been a few that have debunked this intriguing and mysterious activity but never substantially
    My curiosity first and foremost is that mainstream science seems to provide nothing , no answers intentional or otherwise
    Clearly these are meant to viewed from up above , just an observation , an opinion if you like
    The amazing symmetry and geometry which coincidentally shares quite a bit with resonance experiments , something worth investigating , which I am sure someone somewhere is doing
    Flustered by the unharmed nodes and curvature and attention to detail considering there magnitude

  14. One crop circle answered a question that we humans put out in the universe on a satellite! Another crop circle had a message on a disc with an alien face. And humans don't get this? They don't question it scientifically.? Its amazing what the majority of humans just accept. We ask "is there any alien contact? " and we get direct answers and pictures and missiles being shut down and a rocket being destroyed….and we still ask "are there aliens?" ….makes me wonder at the limitations of the human mind.

  15. Anybody familiar with the Chilbolton Crop circles. The two important ones. Should understand that extraterrestrial intelligence is a reality we had better get our minds aound pretty quickly. However we are still presented with the problem of not knowing who our friends are. It is a very big universe indeed. I am certain that technological advancements do not guarantee parallel spiritual evolution. And most more highly advanced ET's care about us as much as we do a lab-rat. Some are definitly benign. And a few deeply benevolent. On the other hand you had best believe that some etraterrestrial intelligences are activily hostile to us entirely. And that will not change. We have certainly been protected from time to time by one race against another. Who are our friends? That is the question. The future of our existence may depend on getting that answer right the first time. Crop Circles are created by programmed, and remotely controlled balls of plasma. Which can lay down very specific microwave radiation causing the patterns we see. Or perhaps actuall craft enveloped within a plasma ball. They arrive here through some type of wormholes. And are trying to prepare us, or deceive us.
    We had better take this issue very seriously. And be very careful on the conclusions we draw, and the course of actions we take. For all we know we are surrounded by hostile ot apathetic species. With one, or possibly two species, stuggling to prevent our extinction. Be wary of people who turn a profit by inviting you out to the desert to meditate and make contact with some alien intelligence. We are terrible weak, naive, and ignorant. Good luck. And be wary of aliens baring gifts.
    Don't sell your soul for FTL propulsion. We can do that by ourselves.

  16. after 27 years he doesn't have it solved. He speaks of evidence, OK, where is it? If you had evidence it would be over with. All any one can say is they are made, but not how, why, or who. After 27 years he has no answer.

  17. Crop circles are the warning of a celestial body coming our way very soon we are going to go into a pole shift when this body of planets passes between the sun and earth it will be catastrophic to our planet, look back at all the destruction of our past civilizations this comes through every 3600 years it is survivable the mere fact we are here today is testament to that if you know what to do. Governments have been preparing for this for many years, many millions will not survive, can you imagine all the earths oceans being tossed around when the south pole comes up to meet the north pole of this other celestial body? the oceans will rise up over the lands so unless you are high enough you will perish. Our Climate is being affected by this and will only get worse the closer it gets, this Climate Change hysteria is just a cover for the real story. Good Luck!!!!

    "planet of the crossing" "wormwood" "Nibiru"

  18. Dear Nations and gentleman reporter,
    There is a rare planetary alignment coming on 23rd March 2021, and at this time, the huge Red planet Nibiru (Red Dragon Holy Bible book of Revelation), will sling shot around the Sun ( our central yellow star), and throw the Heavenly bodies from their courses. Earth will be affected by massive earthquake and 3 days and nights of darkness .
    The Blue Star Katchina has entered our solar system, spoke the Lord Jesus Christ to me, in a Holy dream.
    The alien crop circles are trying to warn us of the planetary alignment coming. There will be signs in the Sun, the moon, and the stars…as prophesied by the Lord Jesus Christ in St. Matthews gospels, and prophesied by the Hopi peoples of the Americas, that a blue star will appear as the signal of the end times, and that people must stop fighting and stop warring and stop destroying our Earth.
    Salvation is in the Lord Jesus Christ. The enemies of Christ do not want us to know the truth about how little time we have left, to repent, and take Jesus Christ as Lord and saviour.
    The British government has a man called David Keith at one of England's universities creating geo engineering; which is causing massive weather destruction and deaths. CERN. And the use of stem cells and embryos, was also shown to me in a Holy dream. Breaking the laws of God's creation.

    The Holy Bible book of Revelation speaks of hail stones as large as hundredweights ; Revelation chapter 16 verse 21.
    There will be such a tremendous earthquake as had never occurred since man existed on the earth. ( Cascadia subduction zone finally ruptures ; West coast of the USA will be hit first; and the water will touch one third of the USA and the water will be fast and dangerous) Revelation chapter 16 verse 18.

    I have been keeping a journal for 12 months now, as God has been sending me AMAZING dreams warning of events to come.
    May you "Be still and know that I am God", sayeth our Heavenly Father, when the planetary alignment takes place.

    There will be wars and rumors of wars, the oceans will rage and roar, and there will be signs in the Sun and the moon.
    Yours faithfully in our Lord Jesus Christ
    Princess Holly of Melbourne Australia
    Protected by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. The one who invites you to Allah/God/Yahway ; is Jesus of Nazareth; and is written in the Israelite books of God's word; through the prophets, amen.
    By God's grace and love, Jesus Christ is the truth, the life, and the way. Peace be with you and LOVE to all nations and peoples. We are all God's children. 🕊

  19. Crop circles are not done by aliens – they are done by the people working for the US Government – who operate and use H.A.A.R.P. – As most of us understand H.A.A.R.P. can be programmed – frequency adjusted from a narrow to a wide beam, or vice versa, as well as wattage (power) output adjustment – used like a CNC machine (Computer Numerical Control)

  20. I was watching this dronescape of a crop circle “ghosting,” (reappearing after the crop had already been plowed.) All of a sudden, I realized what the crop circle meant. As the drone’s position rotated around, the image came into proper perspective. I realized in a flash, that it was the bottom of a flying saucer, the view that a person would see when he’s being abducted: the wide open round door, and the saucer above with the lights around the perimeter.
    Here is the drone-view that shows it in perspective. Also I have added another photo with the color corrected, to make the color more blue, to show what a person would see at night.

    It happened to me when I was a little child, that I was abducted by greys. That’s why I remember it, having seen it again.

  21. If any of the sceptics want to no the truth I advise you to practice meditation and concentrate saying in your mind SHOW ME WHAT IVE FORGOTTEN keep repeating this to your self and if you are worthy you will be shown and when you see please tell me what you saw and who!!!

  22. It is a statement that humans need more the Natural Nature beauty than technology that pollutes the land. This Natural Nature is where abundance of food, clothing, shelter and freedom is more than what humans thinks as of this moment

  23. there is video proof of orbs creating them. so why say there is no way to say the way they are made . stupid statement .

  24. Andy maybe these are created by highly intelligent extraterrestrials who are using alpha numerical codes ( Crop Circles ) to try and communicate with our most intelligent people. They want to meet with us . ( Although I Believe it has happened on a Military Level many years ago ….. Hence our advanced Technology )

  25. Hey Andy 2 blokes with a plank of wood with a rope tied to each end stepping and crushing the wheat crops in the configuration u see before you admitted that they did them….
    #wake up or are u a scammer?

  26. Crop circles are done by the benevolent galactic Federation of planets here now to help with the extermination of the Grey/green's and the passing of Nibiru/Wormwood July/Oct 2021.🌊🔥🔴🔥 The Grey/green's at the DUMB near Dulce NM. are taking our children to drain their pituitary/pineal glands of hormonal extract to mix with chemicals to take orally as a stimulant for their race. Expect in July 2021 an Asteroid impacts the Moon dropping pieces over Rome Italy, followed within 90 days by a 70 degree rotation with a double tidal surge leaving both North and South America on the new Equatorial line. Get off the coasts now! The time for Tribulation has arrived. ✡

  27. He is twenty five years old!? He looks at least 40.

    Oh! Never mind. 🤦🏼‍♀️😆. At the end of the video the man says he's been INVESTIGATING for 27 years! Oh well, my bad.

  28. Why does no one investigate this problem in detail?? We now have amazing technology. You can buy 500 portable cameras (like GoPro) and watch the fields around the clock and see who or what makes them.

  29. I am not saying I don't believe there is more intelligent life out there. I certainly hope so, we need help here on Earth. However, it boggles my mind that people don't think some of this art can be created by humans.

  30. Something may be talking to intelligent life. Obviosly, the intelligent life is plants. But, most circles are done in the same general vicinity. So, hmm not sure. I thought we had the capability to surveil anything with spy satellites. No doubt someone knows.

  31. Usually the skeptics or critics have no solid evidence. Their way of thinking LACKS the ability to reason, we find that nowadays reasoning ability is not a possession of all people, and very very few know how to use it.

  32. people believe what they want to believe and dismiss the evidence because they are afraid to face facts. Andy Thomas was probably as skeptical as anybody else but he had the unique personal experience of having been responded to by whatever intelligence created the circles when he saw a perfect circle made replicating his and his friends human made circles that very night and in the same place. That was a galvanizing moment for him and most likely shook him and implanted the conviction that they are made by a power that has communicated to him and his friends. As a result of that he is able to talk about them with conviction and certainty and is unafraid of the scoffers and those who refuse to see the evidence with their own eyes and prefer to dismiss them as hoaxers. Perhaps it underlines the fact that a large proportion of humans are unable to come to terms with the unusual and the amazing and retreat into their safe world out of fear.

  33. Look beyond earth and moon facing the sun and you turns it in to a spiral paten you get a patten if the same as crop circul and mite be telling us what’s going of in space and telling us that we mite be in a part of space that’s got things happening and mitebe dangerous to us and they are giving us a heads up and this is why elon musk is making ships to get us off just incase it mite end humans !!?!

  34. I think in today's world we should keep a open mind.

    I was only about 20 years ago that it was suggested that we would have telephones where we would be able to see the people we were talking to.
    Maybe there is another new device that we will be given that we will not believe possible.


  35. Gotta stay off the sauce for those headaches and feeling "out there" . What really have you found in 27 years ? Flat earther? Huh? Experiments? Crop circles a are not alien "graffiti" but may contain messages in math or music.

  36. I find the circles hard to believe as why would alien ships only land in corn fields lmao maybe there hungry 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. What if Crop Circles are ment to signal someone(s) from the sky…just like the Nazca lines? Has anyone ever thought of that?

  38. 3:27 "In 1992 one crop circle had a DIRECT MESSAGE in binary code (automatically implying they can communicate in binary code when they want to):

    "For God knows that right after you eat the fruit I'm offering to you, your eyes shall be opened, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil." GEN 3:5

    "The shamans of Ancient Mexico when exploring this world out of their physical bodies, they discovered something TRANSCENDENTAL.
    – What did they discover Don Juan?
    "They discovered that we have a companion for life. WE HAVE A PREDATOR THAT CAME FROM THE DEPTH OF COSMOS, and took over the rule of our lives. HUMAN BEINGS ARE ITS PRISONERS. The predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile; helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don't do so.
    In order to keep us SUBDUE, obedient, meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous maneuver – stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist; a horrendous maneuver from the point of view of those who suffer it. THEY GAVE US THEIR MIND! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind which in time as soon as we are born it becomes our mind. The predators' mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, and filled with the FEAR OF BEING DISCOVERED any minute now."

    From the book The Active Side of Infinity, chapter Mud Shadows by Carlos Castaneda.

  39. (No Zero Sum Game) Platonic Solids and wave congregations this is sacred geometry. They are trying to tell us something through geometric symbols its a language to be decoded i believe.

  40. Good video. It'd be interesting to know about the health and economic aspect of the crop affected by circles, post harvest.

  41. I came for the headlines, I stayed to see if he actually had arms..
    Seriously tho, anyone talented enough to make these virtually flawless works of art, would most likely want some recognition. Or at least one of the people that would have to be involved would..nope, for me crop circles are one strange event that I still hold a child like wonder for. And I like it.

  42. So Google world map satellites never ever capture the making of these images? Really? Google knows. They are the crop circle experts. Why won't they say so? Why hasn't anyone asked them?

  43. Earth makes them, it how she speaks to us. Linda Molten Howe said it just appeared like magic. That's what I believe😘🌎❤️💛💚💙💜

  44. I lived where their was a small area of swamp grass, in this grass was small 3' swamp circles and even a figure 8, at the center was a very round empty spot (no grass in the center) I understand that orbs have been seen in the area but I have seen a mirror orb in the daylight and no crop circles anywhere in Texas that I know of.BUT plants are alive they go threw many changes( trees communicate ) so what if plants are trying to communicate letting us know theirs more to them than meets the eye.
    P.S.This guy is awesome I want to go hangout and observe with him- the dark shadowy things kinda scary.

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