Crop circles in California: Giant circles appear in Salinas Valley, California, USA

You go to sleep with a plush green field out
your window and you wake up to this! That’s what happened to one farmer in California
over the weekend. The circles were reported by two friends who
claimed to have seen two bursts of light before dawn on Sunday morning. People who popped down to have a look couldn’t
get close enough as security guards prevented people from touring the fields. So just how did the circles get there? Is it
the work of kids or from a force above?! We’ll let you decide.


  1. Those who believe crop circles are all man made, could you please explain how the large geometrically complex crop circles, like the one here, are made during the hours of night in a field near a highway, and the group of people doing it aren't seen by anyone.  

  2. ho-hum, another "crop circle" poorly made compared to some pretty complex one's that man has been KNOWN to have made. 

  3. "So just how did the circles get there? Is it the work of kids or a force above? We'll let you decide."

    I've got a better idea. Investigate to see if any kids (or adults) are capable of making such a "circle" without breaking a single stalk, and then we can decide.

  4. An American crop circle.×478$large.jpg

  5. Not a work of humans that's for sure…! Super natural beings possibly fallen angels and demonic activity. .to delude us from being born again as in JOHN 3:3 only being born again do you have eternal life with JESUS CHRIST read Romans 10:9-13

  6. I dont believe it's real. Most crop cirlces I've seen are perfection, so crisp. This looks messy to me no offense if it is e.t!!!

  7. It’s either a couple people with rope and a plank of wood or aliens trying to communicate with us by math “pie” to be specific if we ever communicate with aliens we won’t talk with French English Dutch but we will talk with math

  8. Born and raised there. There was a little know incident about a UFO abduction in this valley. Two kids were abducted and sent to a mental hospital afterwards.

  9. work of kids?!?! c'mon, swamp gas is a better excuse than that. funny how insignificant this is to the news…. A seriously sick sad world we live in

  10. Looks like shrine drawing (mandara) in buddism藏傳壇城&tbm=isch&tbs=rimg%3ACYXif242TOxcIkALukqPXN-QB5F2BSg6Qn-niEcYBDqzeTxYEytkso8Lq19Eldk2bvKXoorVqQgZ-XgyLp0xGpB6ZQj0nM2fU-rNKhIJC7pKj1zfkAcR_1EUPPncIRMcqEgmRdgUoOkJ_1pxHOwsgRmKvwIyoSCYhHGAQ6s3k8ERPb-MtnHiiBKhIJWBMrZLKPC6sRj-gDiyyp_14IqEglfRJXZNm7ylxEOHZyWpA-0LioSCaKK1akIGfl4EWbipNpmNutdKhIJMi6dMRqQemURJI7oX7FilrQqEgkI9JzNn1PqzREZPKVX3Q7DbQ&client=ms-android-oppo&prmd=inmv&hl=en&ved=0CBIQuIIBahcKEwjYg7i6977lAhUAAAAAHQAAAAAQBw&biw=360&bih=598#rp=1

  11. B192. En otro canal. Reloj 1 el circulo mas grande, hora 9 el circulo mediano y el mas pequeno 2. B 192, quiza es asesinato involuntario del humano a la tierra. Estamos acabando con este planeta de manera no intencional?. Este mensaje parece de origen humano, no alien. Hay que descifrar los cuadrados. Hay mejor foto?

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