Cultivating Community – PFI Annual Conference 2019

We didn’t dream up the idea of bringing a
software company to our community. It was a door that opened because of all these
other things that had happened before us and then the work we were doing with the schools
already. I grew up in Jefferson and moved back in 2016
and brought my family back, married a farm girl. And so we both knew we wanted to raise our
kids in a small town, a rural environment and had the family business here with the
apple orchard. Originally it started with an idea for how
we get a community college presence in the community and a presence that focused on workforce
development. Training and providing new opportunities for
our students and that eventually blossomed into a new high school along with a career
academy where the community college would be and that one led with an opportunity with
a software development company based in Des Moines that was looking to expand into rural

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