Cultivating – John Deere 4020

okay hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to
our farms work Travis and I just finished transferring the fertilizer in
the fertilizer tanks on the corn planter over to the tanks on the cultivator so
the corns getting up to where we can start cultivating and dressing so
we’re gonna do today is just to make sure that the cultivator is running
properly being is that we just went through and put all the orifices in we
checked it over ran some water through it and it seems to be working pretty
good we have leftover fertilizer in the tanks on the corn planter so to get rid
of it what we did was we backed the four to twenty in the cultivator up to the
mill cows we filled it up with water we diluted that fertilizer down which
yeah it is gonna be diluted so it’s not going to be as effective but it’s still
gonna be doing something so we’re gonna go through and just empty out the tanks
on the forty twenty and Travis is doing his first lap right now he’s about to
get started so let’s head out there and see how it goes I’m getting my steps in today so I
wanted to show you guys this little weed back here so what we’re looking at is
Morning Glory you can tell because the leaves are spaded shaped so what Morning
Glory loves to do is as the plant grows what it’ll do is it’ll send out tendrils
and what the tendrils will do is pretty much they’ll be pointing straight up
until they start spinning and they’ll just keep spinning around as the plant
grows until it latches on to something typically a corn plant and then it will
basically just vine up the corn plant and it’ll reduce your yield on that
plant and they’re kind of a pain in the rear because if you have it in like say
oats it can wrap around the parts of the combine and the combine will get plugs
so we haven’t had as much of an issue lately with Morning Glory as we have in
previous years I know that when we were growing up it was a big problem because
we’d have to stop the 6620 and then let it go through because it would just want
to wrap around the drum on the head yeah by cultivating we’re a eliminating some
of those weeds breaking up the soil again which some people I will agree
that it is just another form of tillage so it increases your rosin but what
we’ve really noticed is that after we cultivate the corn we definitely have
seen a boost in yield ever since we started doing it and that led us to put
tanks on the cultivator so we mounted those ourselves ran all the piping and
everything down to each of the rows so now we can side dress alongside it
the trap it’s wiped out a bunch of wrote a bunch of corn plants there but overall
we have noticed a positive in yield now if we don’t want to
cultivate will sometimes do is we’ll leave the cultivator up and we’ll just
side dress all of the corn and that’s another thing that we can do we do do it
on my 30 acre no-till field we just leave it up and then run the fertilizer
down to the rows so I gotta walk all the way back to the building we’re gonna be getting some fertilizer
tanks here later this week and then we will be fully side dressing but for
right now since we don’t really with a sixth row cultivator we really aren’t
going to get all of the corn cultivated so the more that we can get cultivated
the better we don’t have tanks here right now but we figured since they’re
starter and the planner and putting some water and with it to dilute it to make a
lot of lasts a little bit longer you know every little bit would help and
since we don’t have any tanks it’s probably for the better that we go ahead
and just kind of get started cultivating so anyway that’s about it for this video
we’re probably going to be doing some more on cultivating so keep an eye out
for those videos but that’s it for now with that thanks for watching this video
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all how farms work and I’ll see you soon


  1. Nice video I love it. However I still dont understand why you are skipping over certain parts of the field. Particular reason? You skip over something runs through the field? Why not use it? You would certainly get more crops.

  2. We've been side dressing our corn and beans for years and I agree it does bump up the yield per bushel. Breaking that crust off of the top of the soil is very very important so the fertilizer and rain can get to the roots a lot easier and help it grow faster.

  3. i love this kind of stuff but at 4:03 I saw the ground crack open before the cultivator went down and I just could not ignore that

  4. That has to be sketchy, a bit to the left or right good by corn. You have to be on your toes. May look easy but that’s hard work staying that focused.

  5. What was the name of the song you used during the cultivating before your explanation of morning glory.

  6. Newly cultivated corn fields look the way I remember many years ago, nice. Hopefully it is still beneficial now as it was then. Remember vividly hoeing out morning glory vines in our corn fields!

  7. When you cultivate you are aerating the soil, it does perk it up. But you loose moisture so it’s kind of a catch 22. We irrigate, and don’t have a lot of water. Cold steel is the cheapest route for weed control, especially morning glory. We quit cultivating 15 years ago. Really sand soils for us. We are all round up ready. But, we are all cotton as well. If I may make a suggestion? Skip a thru every time and come back where both ends of the cultivator are in plowed ground. I see the cultivator bar moving a lot and it won’t pull to one aide as bad.

  8. My arch nemesis in the garden is field bind weed. Similar to morning glory just smaller and sneakier. It often makes me want to just light the yard on fire and start over. 😆

  9. Hey Ryan, not sure if you have listened to any of Luke combs new songs but there is one called “refrigerator door” and I would love to see a music video similar to the one you made for “My town”. Just a thought anyways!

  10. Ryan, I really enjoyed watching this one with the 4020! My grandad had one just like that. Again, loved watching an older piece of equipment working great out in the field. Wash and wax that sweet old machine and it will shine right up I bet!😉

  11. Are the yield benefits great enough to justify a second cultivator and tractor of a similar size to the 4020?

  12. You are so lucky to be done. Here in Ohio, there was a report from Ohio dept of AG. Only 50 percent of corn planted and only 30 percent of soybeans planted. Rainfall nearly 20 inches above average so far this year. All rivers and streams at or near flood stage.

  13. There is something really satisfying seeing and hearing the soil get turned over. I get the same vibe when watching your earthmaster VT segments.

  14. Morning glory sucks , the house I grew up in had the previous owner planting the stuff . trying to get it killed back was a nightmare and it will kill everything it can rope up on .

  15. My Grandpa had the same setup back in 1986 except his was gravity fed, I like cultivating and soft ground soaks up the rain better then hard pan.

  16. Wouldn't it be great if the 4020 had the ability of Green Star GPS on it so Travis only had to concentrate on the side dressing not both steering and look behind him. Great video Ryan.

  17. Good evening I would like to know what fertilizer you apply in the containers that you take in the cultivator I do not speak English but if you do me please answer I can translate it thank you

  18. Have ever wondered how many hours thus miles you guys drive in a year just in the tractors? It's 30 hours from sturgis to Orlando lol

  19. OK OK, so how do you keep in line with the rows? Looks like the fudge room is non existent. Your bigger machines have gps but it looks to me with the cultivator I could wipe out half the crop while my mind wanders to beautiful women or a beautiful new John Deere tractor.

  20. I normal spray for cleavers, simlar to morning glory just very sticky and binds to multiple plants, nightmare in cereals. clever solution for your issue in corn.

  21. My grandma and grandpa he’s to hole there cornfields out. Back when my mom was a little girl. They had 250 to 325 acres of corn. 150 acres of tobacco. Grandpa alway said keeping the ground worked up help keeps the weeds out. The oxygen Easer in the ground, and it was soaked up faster. With less run off. Yep he was old school farmer. 🚜🚜🚜🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  22. What do you see for a yield increase? Couple bu? Do you have to spray after cultivating? Or does it make it to canopy??

  23. That's different from the morning Glory hear in Ohio. Ours or at least mine has y shaped leaves for the first 4 leaves then has short fat spades. Not really long spades like yours… It's fascinating the difference in plants across the states.

  24. Morning glory, hmmm seems like a global problem… Even here in Romania me and some farmers I know are having this year trouble with morning glory. As the oldtimers in my region tell: this form of cultivating is worth as short rainfall.

  25. A local grower & wholesaler here in Virgina (Parker Farms) posted on fb today that the sweet corn they planted in April is now being picked and sold. It's crazy around here, if you were lucky enough to get stuff in early all the rain & heat made it take off like a madman but then a quarter of a mile away the fields that didn't get in early are barely 2ft high with their corn. Still a lot of winter wheat on fields because it's been too wet to harvest and even a few decent sized fields sitting with last year's stubble & this year's weeds because it's been too wet to get into it.

  26. With the 4020"s and the 4440's pretty much worked to death, what's a person supposed to do when they're all gone?

  27. Soybean planted at that distance, what yield per hectare does it have? Greetings from a Uruguayan farmer

  28. Makes a lot of sense running the cultivator through. Until they stopped supplying it in the area, my Dads farm always liked running the anhydrous knife through in the summer. It helped break up the soil and you started to really see corn take off. Especially with a year like this year, you running the cultivator through should really help. I’m just planning to use drop hoses on my 3pt sprayer, but it’d be nice to run something through to break of the top crust.

  29. Great video Ryan. Keep it up! Next thing you'll be organic , like we are. We've gone to a 6 row, 725 mid-mount on our '75 JD 4230.. like it a lot!

  30. 4:44 I have that same weed in Croatia (south -eastern Eu) in small amount. We also use in row cultivation,but nobody here works with liquid fertilization. We use granules.interesting to see.

  31. 4020 I cut my teeth on a 4020 in the early 80's then we got a 4430 with a cab and we thought we were shitting in high cotton. Here it is 2019 both of those old units are still running!

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