1. Great video Maze. I've been trying to apply awareness to what real progress looks like.

    It's easy to feel great when you finish a book, get a ton of subscribers or followers on social media, even a nice pump in the gym.

    But if it's not amounting to anything, if its not getting you real results, it's just masturbation.

  2. So true that failure is the default not failure. So easy to become stagnant after you see some success here and there especially in game. Great reminder

  3. You get better with time if your thinking is productive. If your thinking is productive you will also take action.

  4. Maybe people (me especially) should log what they do with their time and journal so that they can see in front of them what it is they’re actually doing. Life just kind of happens with me. Hard to get out of this passive default and un-proactive mode.

  5. Tyler does this thing I hate where he over generalizes for the larger population of RSD. First of all this doesn't counter the point of self-love. This counters the point of being in abundance and having that abundance VIA law of attraction work for you. I have no idea why the RSD instructors are teaching people to be in scarcity. This company is supposed to be nuanced. I imagine Tyler is just saying this because more people are in scarcity than in abundance but what he should be saying is: "If you believe that failure is the default you are attracting more failure because you have a core resistance to the idea that you ever will be successful, but I need to tell you guys to believe that failure is the default because I'm over generalizing what I think you all need. Even though I don't know you personally instead of explaining both sides of the nuance I'm just going to tell the majority what I think they need to hear which is "Failure Is The Default" even though that's not actually true." Tyler said nothing about how for billions of years without consciousness the entire planet fucking Earth succeed. Success is the default motherfucker anything else is scarcity! That would be much more authentic and he should be trusting RSD clients to deal with the harder nuances rather than sugarcoat shit. This company is losing its transparency and my interest. Also I'm a super hardcore fan of RSD.

  6. 3:08 Holyfuck… I would do anything to fuck that chick. And I just fapped before I watched this video too.

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