Cultivating… Violence? (DxE June International Protest)

We are physically putting our bodies into the spaces where animals are exploited, where people are consuming other animals without really thinking
about what they’re doing. – It’s not food, it’s violence! (crowd murmurs, yelling)
– Killing is killing. – From the day an animal is born on a Chipotle farm, the farmer has already planned
the day of their execution. – Right now, a baby calf
is being dragged away from his crying mother. – It’s not food, it’s violence! – It’s not food, it’s violence! – Killing and humane, they’re
exact opposites. Polar opposites. You want to do something
humanely, let it live. – This sweet mommy pig does not
want to be on your dinner plate. – He just wants to live. – Their desire to live is not
different from you and I. – Activists all over the world are rallying
in Chipotle and other restaurants to see that that truth becomes a reality. That the animals of this
earth are not forgotten. And that the violence that happens
behind closed doors is exposed. – Their joy is our joy. Their pain is our pain. Their freedom is our freedom. – All animals deserve this freedom. – Every single animal wants to be free. – And the animals of this earth, black or white, dog or cat,
gay or straight, human or rat, every animal will be safe,
and happy, and free. – It’s not food, it’s violence! (all together)
It’s not food, it’s violence! – Animals’ lives are their right! (all together)
We have just begun to fight! – What do we want? (all together)
Animal liberation! When do we want it? (all together)
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  1. Very powerful video! Being a part of such a dedicated group of activists gives me hope. We won't rest until all animals are free!

  2. Thank you for everyone who took part in this action. Hope that more activists feel empowered and speak out for the animals! [email protected] if you want to be involved in this campaign ( 

  3. Chipotle and Whole Foods, etc., home of "happy meat," the most blatant scam ever perpetrated against our world. Thank goodness for you all speaking up out there.

  4. Hopefully, I get the chance to encounter this, just so I can laugh my ass off. And hopefully I'll be enjoying a medium rare, bacon wrapped filet migon. Like to dip the meat back into the blood, its delicious!

  5. If you want to do something for the animals and the enviroment, end your life. If you are a vegan, you are eating the food meant for the animals. You are killing plants that were once living. You are destroying farms, and crops, and things that "just want to live". Without you, a cotton plant would be alive instead of your shirt. Without you, an animal could be drinking fresh water, rather than contaminated water. You really want to help, cremate yourself so you don't take anymore room in the ground of mother earth. Freaking retards. 

  6. What a joke. Moral equivalency and relativism at work. You people have lost your grip on reality.  Do you even understand how the food chain works? Animals eating other animals is biologically motivated based on the dietary needs of a species. We are omnivores, meaning we eat everything!  If you're really concerned about protecting animals, are you going to go try to change the behavior of the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!) at the zoo, because they sure don't understand that "it's not food, it's violence." 

    P.S. I'm eating some delicious chicken right now.  Tasty, tasty violence.

  7. I think it's kind of ironic that you would single out Chipotle, because I like to eat their vegan burrito whenever I'm there.

  8. Love how you guys manufacture your own drama, through intense music, crafty edits and the solemn, self-serious looks on your faces. Your cause is fine, but your approach is laughable. You would do well to avoid the whole Kelly Atlas crocodile tears act in the future, as it makes you all look like boobs.

  9. Im going to order a chicken burrito today for lunch and cook up a veal steak for dinner. stop protesting and go get a job u losers. we are the intelligent humans we are today because we started eating meat and cooking it feeding the development of our energy hungry brains. do some homework and put some deodorant as well.

  10. Okay… so you say you want animals to be "safe, happy and free," but you're apparently either unaware of, or deliberately ignoring the fact, that the state of the animal in nature is often brutal and completely without mercy. The way animals are typically slaughtered for food is actually quite mild compared to how most animals die in nature. Freezing, starving, wasting away from disease or infected wounds are common ways creatures die in nature. Not to mention predation, which often is a drawn out affair, with lots of spurting blood and crying out on the part of the prey.
     I'm not saying we shouldn't question where our food comes from, and how animals are treated in the process. We absolutely should scrutinize and question those things. Most people in the modern world have never been near a farm or ranch and have never seen an animal killed and processed for food. But it does seem that many of you folks have a naive view of how animals live, and die, in the natural world. Dying violently or painfully, and then having something else munch on your carcass, is just par for the course in nature. The wish to eliminate "violence" (however you choose to define that) is wholly a human construct, and has nothing to do with the natural/animal world.

  11. i am no different from a lion that hunts, i grab my bow and hunt. if i am wrong, so are the lions and tigers and are only able to discuss your "its not food" crap because of your forefathers whom were hunter gatherers 

  12. You people need help! Scientific fact the closer you get to your genetic chain the healthier the food stuffs is. We share more chromosomes with animals than plants, and like you preach I want to live a healthy life. Darwin was right survival of the fittest.

  13. You ever notice that these vegan protesters are always self righteous rich kids. If they do not want to eat meat that is there right 100% I support there right not to eat meat and will not harass them for that choice so why do these rich kids that they need to harass us who choice to eat meat why can't they just support us in our choices like we do for them.

  14. I love how these are the same fucks that will whine about how abortion is a human right. If I do this same thing, in front of an abortion clinic, these pricks would confront me.

  15. These faggots are making total jackasses out of themselves! Since California happens to be the 2nd biggest state that produces meat, how about you penniless hippies take your bullshit to Texas! Trust me, their gonna "love" hearing your shit when all of you get beaten up to death!

  16. Watching the animals suffer makes the meat taste better, also gives me a hardon. BTW if that police sodomized you I hoped he hot a medal.

  17. You want to be vegetarian or vegan, fine. Don't go around forcing your dietary choice onto businesses and causing a disruption to livelihoods.

  18. Oh lol, I was at that chipotle during the protest. I was the guy eating the chicken and pork burrito, feel kinda bad but meh, I'm only human.

  19. I understand that you want to fight for what you believe in, however the approach you are taking, which is quite frankly bullying your way into making others believe what you believe while they are eating is doing nothing for the animal. The food you are protesting at chipotle doesn't change the fact that the animal is dead and about to be consumed. You are just making a public nuisance of yourself and quite frankly, make people want to retaliate by eating more meat. Stand for what you believe in, yes. But in the right way. This is not the right way.

  20. Bro you guys should start an insurgent group to fight against people who eat meat. Maybe you can can your insurgent group the N.A.l.F (National Animal Liberation Front)

  21. Tell me, is it just for attention or do you have this religious level of conviction for real? I gots ta know!

    Also, if it’s unethical to kill an animal for meat because it doesn’t want to die, are you against abortion too? It’d be pretty ghoulish and hypocritical if you weren’t.

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