Cultivation in adversity

Don’t worry. It’s OK “Come. Don’t run away” “Please don’t” “So your wife wanted to be a vegetarian and be a Buddhist?” I am begging you… it is the one who holds the pig down” Tian Gwei, you are too much! You look This winter arrived earlier than last winter Now even the climate has changed Master. Please take care as you go Many said those reborn in the Pure Land are
only vegetarians and chanters of Buddha’s name They are benevolent people with good knowledge of the Dharma The complete fruition of their cultivation is due to their compassion That’s correct What happened to the ordinary people who are unable to do Buddha Recitation properly due to adverse circumstances? Will they missed the chance to be reborn
in the Western World of Extreme Bliss? It is not always the case Buddha Recitals and cultivation depends on our mentality, and
should will not be crippled by circumstances. All you need is to hold the Buddha name – Namo Amitabha Buddha Regardless of where you are Whatever activity you are doing Adverse environment, adverse appearance and adverse people… even sabotages due to adverse karma The power and reward of Buddha Recitation can overcome all these adversities Not only will the sabotage fail, but also they
can seek rebirth at their free will In our human life we will face a lot of stuffs… such as poverty, illness, shortened life, disaster, bad karma, adverse circumstances, including all rights and wrongs, successes and failures Love and hatred The root of all these sufferings
can be traced to our heavy karma All these boil down to heavy obstacles, insufficient
karmic reward and the lack of wisdom Please expound this to me, my old master If our karma is so heavy (leading to all those sufferings and hardships) Are we doomed to stay in the Three Evil
Paths and never have a chance to escape? We are now in an uncertain and dangerous era Even though it is difficult to get over a fixed karma (fated destiny) We still can rely on Buddha’s power to board the West
(World of Extreme Bliss) and leave this suffering world Young man Master Lian Chi, our Pure Land Buddhism patriarch In one section of his written vow, he wrote the following… ‘I bow to the Western Paradise’ ‘What a great deliverance master of all sentient beings ‘I now pledge my wish to seek rebirth (in the Western Paradise)’ ‘My only wish is your great compassion of acceptance’ The patriarch encouraged and advised us to constantly remember this Life is a like a dream. Events are like illusions Good health may last for a century; blessing may last for the whole life Good times will suddenly disappear in an instant If rebirth is successful, you will still suffer in cycles of births and deaths. If rebirth is successful, all the future endless
cycles of births and deaths will vanish We will never have to suffer births, ageing, diseases and deaths again You will enjoy the inherited endless longevity of Amitabha Buddha as well as his infinite brightness, infinite compassion, infinite wisdom and infinite power Master Can Buddha Recitals lead to such great result? Buddha Recitals need concentration and focussing Whatever thoughts come to your mind, they must have Amitabha Buddha You contemplate the Pure Land’s environment (as written in the Sutras) You contemplate the teachings of Amitabha Buddha There is repentance in every call to Amitabha You repent your heavy karma, shallow karmic rewards, numerous obstructions and lack of wisdom You repent your countless wrongdoings You ask for Buddha’s empowerment to clear your previous karma and hindrance and develop your positive roots Young man only if you are sincere, your wish will be answered Master, thank you for your teaching Today I’ll tell you a story regarding a Buddha Recital practitioner
who successfully boarded the Pure Land when her life ended despite the sabotage and obstruction caused by an evil person I wish this story might help you develop your faith (in this Dharma) That’s excellent. Thank you master. This story just happened in my home town This was a similar winter just like this when I was young At the Zhi Tong county of Zi Chuan province There was a couple living in the town of Zhi Qian They never had any children after many years of marriage This couple earned their living by selling vegetables (Film title) Cultivation support by adversity Fresh cabbage. Take a look even if you are not buying. How much? 40 cents only Thank you Hey, come and buy the veggie Come and take a look. Fresh big Bak Choy Come and look. Come and choose Old mistress, take a look Old mistress, what kind of veggie are we buying for today? Old mistress. How are you doing? Hey boss and lady boss. How are you? Old mistress, you are too courteous to us Hey old mistress, as I have mentioned before Please do not address us boss and lady boss Just call me Chai or Chai Tian Gwei will do That right, old Mistress We are only running a small business in a tiny stall We are too shy to receive the title of boss and lady boss You just call me Lian Shian will do Well, even small business is still a business It is not too much to address you as boss Alright. I am addressing you as ‘Lian Shian’ now Old mistress, you are really too courteous If not of your constant patronization our stall of business will not survive long Hey, don’t say this He is right It is rare to have such a pious Buddha Recital practitioner as you are Not only your family members are vegetarians You also frequently offer food to the monks in the temple I really envy what you can do I have nothing to be envied Instead, many envy the success of your marriage life Old mistress. I have to be honest with you This house hen is good except she does not know how to lay eggs You naughty fellow Now you see how fierce you can be I think you need to learn from Old Mistress Be a pious Buddhist, be a vegetarian and cultivate your heart Well, I’m just a hard laborer Not matter how I learn I could not match the old mistress I tell you lady boss You can be a vegetarian and practice Buddha Recitation regardless of your social status Everyone can succeed as long as they are truthful The practice can resolve calamities, as well as offering longevity Is it really possible? It is really possible. Buddha recital will lead to numerous advantages It cannot be summarized into just a few words I can slowly tell you when there opportunity arises, OK? That’s good. That’s good. Okay, okay We cannot waste so much of the old mistress’s time now Oh, that’s right. I’m so sorry Old mistress, what would you like to eat today? Oh, just pack me a bit of everything will do. Please excuse me now Bye old mistress. Please walk carefully as you go. Thanks. I will. “Buy a catty back” Hi Mrs. Chai I am Chin Mei What a coincidence Are you also coming to offer incense? Yes I am. Are you coming to pay respect to the Buddha? Me? No. I am accompanying the old mistress to hear the Dharma master’s teaching To hear the Dharma master’s teaching? Yes Where? Just over there Come, I show you Did you see? Life is never permanent. The Buddha told us even more in detail. Buddha said a human life may suddenly end while breathing Once you no long can breath, you die. After death, there is nothing you can take along with except your karma Loving couples will then be separated as the living and the dead Our time in this life is as short as lightnings and sparks After a blink of the eyes everything will be the past Why not cherish the time before we get really old, sick or incapacitated temporarily put down worldly events and put our body into good uses If we have one day free, use that one day to practice Buddha Recitals. If we have one hour’s free, we use that hour for Pure Land Dharma When our time comes, our supplies for the Pure
Land journey will have been fully prepared And our career for the rebirth will be established Moreover, Amitabha Buddha has made his 48 great vows For whoever filled with afflictions, coverings and birth-death entanglements mundane beings, fools or various social rankings to be delivered to the Pure Land with their heavy karma by Amitabha’s compassion This is nothing but truth and real. Hard evidences of rebirth events are beyond any doubt This Dharma is great and hard to believe Unless you have reached the realm of the Buddha, you will not be able to fully understand this Dharma Bear in mind that Buddha Recital practitioners will have their calamity resolved, lifespan extended and be reborn in the Pure Land when life ends Eventually they will achieve Parinirvana and eventually become a Buddha I managed to understand the benefits of
being a vegetarian and Buddha Recital today I must thank all these to you Oh don’t mention. It’s nothing This is your own karmic reward We are destined to meet with each other Otherwise we won’t have a chance to hear the Dharma together I wish we can cultivate (the Dharma) together But I am illiterate I could not read the Buddhist sutras. What can I do? Oh. That is not a problem There are many ways to do cultivation You can start by being a vegetarian and practicing Buddha Recitals Being a vegetarian is to cultivate your body Do Buddha Recitals is to cultivate your heart After the body and heart is cultivated, the bliss from the Dharma will arrive Your intelligence and wisdom will develop The day will come when you stop suffering and embrace
happiness after seeking rebirth in the Pure Land Though I did not fully understand the Dharma I believe if I can faithfully be a vegetarian and do the Buddha Recitals I will be reborn in the Land of the Extreme Bliss. Isn’t it? That’s correct. Mrs. Chai, you are actually enlightened earlier than many others. It is very unusual Let’s make a vow now: To be reborn in the Pure Land together. Tian Gwei. Are you at home? I thought you were not around What? Do you not wish me to be at home? (laughter) Why are you laughing? Don’t bother. I want to tell you some good news Good news? No wonder you put up such a laughing face Did you pick up some treasure on the road? No. Of course not. but it is more precious than a picked-up treasure I will not be interested in anything else other than money and treasure What if it is concerning me? You? Are you pregnant? Shit! If I can be (pregnant) it would have happened long ago This is not and that is also not Then why are you so happy for? I received some advice and teachings in the temple today They said if you become a vegetarian and sincerely chant the Buddha’s name, you will board a
place called the Western World of Extreme Bliss “Western World?” “Yes” What? You regarded this as ‘good news’? “Yes” “You are crazy” Tian Gwei This is indeed a very rare good news Think! If we turn vegetarians and do Buddha Recitals Hey! Wait! Wait! What do you mean by ‘we’ and ‘turn vegetarians’? Don’t talk such rubbish to me For me, I will need to make big money I want to live in a big house and to try all kinds of nice food in the World You ask me to turn vegetarian? Crazy you! Wasn’t you who supported me to turn vegetarian and practice the Dharma? When did I say this? In front of Old Mistress You asked me to follow Old Mistress to turn vegetarian
and do Buddha Recitals to cultivate my heart I remembered this clearly Gee. This is just my flattering. We are in the business of selling veggies I said this in order to persuade more veggie customers to come to us I am surprise you did not even notice that Even if this is a misunderstanding It is no harm trying I tell you I don’t care what others are eating but our family got to eat meat Otherwise I won’t be happy Alright alright. It is up to you. But I am determined to turn vegetarian That’s not good You are my wife and you have to listen to me You cannot be as superstitious as others Who has actually boarded the (so called) ‘Western Heaven’? Tell me – who has seen the Buddha? You need to be careful and not to be so gullible Moreover, two of us are eating the food prepared from the same wok If you are vegetarian, the food has to be prepared in two separate woks Isn’t it very troublesome? Don’t worry. I know what to do I won’t cause problem for you Hey, I tell you. I need to eat meat after all You need to prepare meat for me since you are my wife O Tian Gwei Listen carefully. I NEED TO EAT MEAT Tian Gwei…. (sighed) Hey, the tea is coming What? You wife asked you to turn vegetarian and do Buddha Recitals? What? You wife turned vegetarian? That’s good Mr. Chai. You can save lots of money Go away. There is none of your business. Shut up. It has not actually happened yet but she appeared to be serious about it Since nothing happened, why turn vegetarian? This is plain superstition She said be a vegetarian and do Buddha
Recitals, she may ascent to heaven Oh, not quite, not quite It is to ascent to the Western Heaven Anyway, it is something to do with being an immortal after death Oh, I also heard about this thing My wife is too simplistic and gullible She was never educated As a country peasant she is easily cheated by others I think she may have been hit by an evil spirit It won’t happen, will it? I did not see anything wrong for her to be a vegetarian Many city folks are vegetarians too When I called you stupid you are really stupid This is just a pastime for only the rich They are tired of good food and just want to have a change Some may take too much food. Their bodies get too heavy and not be able to fly up to heaven after death That’s why they are taking green veggie and tofu and what not to be light enough to fly up to heaven Hey… Isn’t that really the truth? Mr. Chai, don’t bother about him Let’s return to the subject You are the master of the family You need to demonstrate your authority as a husband If vegetarian is forbidden, you have to mean what you said If she dares to oppose, you divorce her. What? Do you wanna divorce your wife, Mr. Chai Hey you can save even more after the divorce You (bastard)! This…may not be a good idea to divorce my wife just for this Lian Shien has been with me for so many years She may not be a great wife but she worked hard for me I just do not want her to be too superstitious I am thinking a way to stop her (from being superstitious) That’s right. Mrs. Chai is a well-known good wife in this village It is not a wrongdoing being a vegetarian How can you ask people to divorce his wife (just for this)? Hey hey, I am just a bit sloppy in my speech Mr. Chai, don’t take it too seriously Okay okay okay Everyone knows that you always anyhow say anything But I know you may have some bizarre ideas Can you help me to think of a way Sabotaging is my specialty but I am a bit hungry now My mind does not work well without food No problem. Waiter, come here “Coming coming” “Quick” What would you like to eat? Bring out whatever that is delicious for us Yes we have. I’ll prepare some vegetarian food for all of you (Laughter) Mrs. Chai, Mrs. Chai, what happened? Oh, hi, Old Mistress Are you coming to buy some veggie? So what happened to you? Can you tell me what happened? Upon hearing the teaching of the Dharma master on that day as well as your advice I decided to faithfully turn vegetarian and practice Buddha Recitation That’s good Unexpectedly, my husband not only was against me but he deliberately tried to sabotage Really? Tian Gwei, come and take the dinner now Come and take the dinner What are you doing? Come sit down and eat The lard is nice today Hey, you should also try some Tian Gwei, you are too much Lian Shian, it is OK to try one mouthful It is alright not be able to be vegetarian just today You can be vegetarian some other time Come, be a good girl This lard is particularly nice Please try one mouthful Try just one mouthful I am not bluffing you I did not bluff you, did I? Isn’t it delicious? Hey! That is good Take one piece of pork and some fish You are really too much So I did not bluff you. It is delicious indeed Come, come and eat “Lian Shian, give me a cup of water” “Ok” Where would you like to put the water? Here will do Tian Gwei, how can you do this to me? What can you do since you’ve eaten? Anyway, you have to prepare meat for my meal It’s the same. You could not board the West Heaven any way. I tell you: Meat eaters like me are not wrongdoers Wrongdoer is the one who prepare the meat for me, hehe Hehe. Eat and don’t think too much There is a common saying that every family got its own problem If being a vegetarian may lead to hatred between you and your husband and a relationship damage, it will not be worth it It is preferable to let go than to be in sorrow Let go? What exactly do you mean, Old Mistress? If you husband disallows you being a vegetarian, than let it be If he disallows you to do Buddha Recitals You can silently do recitals in your heart In this way you can do recitals days and nights and do recitals while walking and sitting As long as you have Buddha in your heart and your heart is benevolent Stay away from evil doings and never give rise to an evil thought This will be called ‘activation by truthfulness” Veggie for sale. Come and take a look Take a look even if you are not buying See how fresh it is Fresh orange. Two for $3 Mr. Lau, your orange is especially big today Just as you said Namo Amitabha. Namo Amitabha …. Lian Shian, are you sick today? No, I am not If not, why are you mumbling to yourself? Is it? Oh, what do you want to eat tonight? I can buy for you Oh, then buy me a catty of roast pork “OK, I go and buy now. You look after the stall” “OK” “Hey Lian Shian, remember to buy me a bottle of wine” “OK” “Namo Amitabha” “Hey lady, good veggie…” “Namo Amitabha” “How much….” Time for dinner. You are still smoking Come and sit here I even warmed up your wine Where is your veggie? That’s all we have So you no longer being a vegetarian? That’s very good We are having good life. That’s no
reason for you to be a vegetarian It is meaningless to treat each other like enemies because of this Come, take another piece Hehe, my good wife Namo Amitabha …. Oh, so you came back Namo Amitabha… Namo Amitabha… “Lian Shian” Prepare the fish. I am very hungry How can you put the fish here? Mr. Yim, are these your fish? Yes. I have a good catch today These fish are still alive Yes, in the way the fish can be
fresher so I can sell for more But…don’t you think it is very cruel to do so? Cruel? It is cruel if I have nothing to eat Oh dear, this is very unwholesome If you pity the fish, you might as well pity me The day I have no fish to sell, the
day I will have nothing to eat If you have a good heart, you buy all my fish Ok. I buy the fish Thanks so much She’s mad. She’s mad…Ouch Hey, Mr. Chai, Mr. Chai “Anything special?” “Is about your wife” What’s to do with my wife? So you have an affair with her? Hey don’t be mistaken I have nothing to do with your wife Just that she bought some fish from me today “then…” “then what?” “Then she released all the fish” What? You released your wife? Hey, go away “Why are you so nosy?” “hehehe” Damn. So stupid. It is too ridiculous She even cursed me for retribution I am so pissed I thought I have succeeded in stopping her being vegetarian yet she still has another measure “What measure?” “Buddha Recital” She recites days and nights while doing business while cooking she even recites while sleeping Don’t be too exaggerating I am so disturbed because of such exaggeration You won’t go to the extent of stopping her Buddha Recital, would you? You are telling me That’s easy You can throw away all her Buddha Recital stuffs I have already thought of it but that won’t work “Think! This reciting can be done any where any time” “True” You are right That’s why I am asking you to think of a good idea Well, regarding this thing… “Hey!” “Coming…” Got it! The reason why you wife want to be vegetarian and do good deeds Simply because she wants to go to the Western Heaven You can make her do something evil, and be a wrongdoer In this way, her Buddha Recital will not be successful That’s right. Make her do something evil Then she will not be a benevolent people If it is not possible to be a benevolent people Then she will not be qualified to do Buddha Recitals Excellent. This idea is excellent So how can I make her do something evil? So you want to kill someone? Get lost, please! But I never do such thing I am afraid… The more you do, the more expert you will be Such small matter! You are more than capable to this Though Mr. Yim’s idea is credible I need to ask some other people in order to be foolproof OK. Let me do this Hey, little monk Amitabha Buddha. Dear Giver, how can I help you? Is your master around? Sorry my Giver. He went out already Why are you looking for him? What a coincident Never mind, never mind If the master is not around, I can also ask the disciple Since this should be known by all monks That’s right “Little monk, come here” “Mr. giver” I wanna ask you something If somebody did some wrongdoings There’s a saying that regardless of being vegetarian
or how much he called the Buddha…. he will not be able to go to
Western Heaven after death. Isn’t that true? It’s not the case According to the Sutras, if a sentient being committed any kinds of wrongdoings, If he repents and calls the Buddha at the moment of death He will also be reborn in the Western Pureland After the wrongdoings, how can he get to heaven
just with few calls to the Buddha? You didn’t even think carefully before answering me You are obviously bullshitting This is nothing but the truth “You don’t have to believe in me, but you have
to believe in Buddha” “Ok Ok Ok…” “This is obviously too cheap to be true” Look at you, such a young chap I don’t think you have been a monk for long I am wasting my time asking you Alright alright, I am leaving Amitabha Buddha “Give me a catty of cabbage” “Come and buy some turnip” Lian Shian, Lian Shian… I am sorry “We no longer sell these veggies today” What happened? Not even selling when the goods is available “What happened to you?” “Good news” What is the good news? We no longer sell these veggies We no longer run this type of business We don’t sell today, tomorrow and forever How are we going to make a living from now? I tell you now I take you to see a place and you will know “Where?” “Come and don’t ask anymore” Come. No need to ask so much Get inside Take a look here Tian Gwei, what is going on? Lian Shian, did you see these pigs? These are all ours What? Our pigs? Yes. I tell you I sold away the veggie stall already I used that money to buy all these pigs, hehe So you decided to change your line to pig raising? Haha… Not only pig raising, I wanna butcher pigs and sell pork as well “Hehehe…” “What? Butcher pigs? Sell pork?” Tian Gwei, you… “You you you… you what?” “From now on you need to follow me to the abattoir” “Abattoir?” What for I go there? If you do not help me to hold the pigs
down, how am I going to slaughter the pigs? You…. I am not going Hey, come in, come in “Hey, are you going out?” “Yes, I am done” Scare not! Come, we need to work now Mr. Lau, have you done the slaughtering? “You are fast” “Of course, I am rushing to the market” It’s my turn now, hehe Lian Shian, here is the abattoir This is the place where the pigs will be slaughtered, hehe “We are starting a new life, hehe.” “I don’t wanna do” I don’t want to do…. “What? Come here, come here. Quick!” Who is going to help me if not you? “Tian Gwei, I really can’t do such thing” “I really can’t” I tell you. It’s OK. Slowly you will know what to do “Come come” “Oh no…” “I am begging you, Tian Gwei” “It’s nothing wrong. Just pig
slaughtering. Slowly uou will get use to it. Hehehe” No I can’t, really… Nothing bad will happen. Hey don’t run away. Come here “Hold it down” “I am begging you, Tian Gwei” Hold it down and don’t let go Listen to me: The one who slaughters the pig is not the wrongdoer The wrongdoer is the one who hold down the pig’s limbs Namo Amitabha Buddha… Hi Mrs. Chai, Mrs. Chai. Come here please Come and see the master “Master” “Amitabha Buddha” Giver, I knew a bit about your predicament Since you have vowed to end the cycle
of births and deaths in this life and would like to meet Amitabha Your current predicament is a test for your faith and determination What your husband did is actually a support for you in a negative way As long as you do not give up, Amitabha will
have the necessary view and understanding on you Your hard work will never be in vain But now he makes things more and more difficult Everyday he forced me to commit the karma of killing He even said the wrongdoer is not the butcher,
It is the one who hold down the pigs This is a very good opportunity Buddha nature is present in both animals and human Both can seek rebirth and be a Buddha Amitabha made 48 vows In he first vow, he said If, when I attain Buddhahood, there should be in my land a
hell, a realm of hungry spirits or a realm of animals… ‘…may I not attain perfect Enlightenment.’ This Amitabha’s vow is especially for ferrying beings from the Three Evil Paths So does it mean I have to continue to commit karma of killings? Heh. Despite the difference in body shapes between animals and human The perceptions of each being are in fact the same Therefore you have to remember to help the miserable pigs to do the Three Refuges Help them do the repentance, Buddha Recitals and chant the Rebirth Mantra for them to give them the hope of Amitabha’s compassionate admittance to the West Heaven Just remember: A firm faith will lead to an unthinkable response Mrs. Chai, what the master told you is correct You have to follow what the Dharma master told you in the future and try hard in your cultivation, OK? Thank you, Dharma master I am done Lian Shian, lets start work now Hold it down Hold down. Hold tight… This Mr. Chai is way too much It is his own business for not believing in the Dharma How could he use such despicable way to stop
his wife for cultivating the Dharma? His evil karma is heavy Indeed. In the 48 vows of Amitabha
Buddha, it says in the 18th vow… If, when I attain Buddhahood, sentient beings in the lands
of the ten quarters who sincerely and joyfully… …entrust themselves to me, desire to be born in my
land, and call my Name, even ten times, …should not be born there, may I not attain perfect Enlightenment. Even the extremely evil can seek rebirth by calling him ten times Master, there will be a further development in the story, isn’t it? Would you mind continue the story, master? Ok Thank you, master. After Mrs. Chai following her husband to switch this new occupation… Mr. Chai no longer heard her wife reciting the Buddha Henceforth the sound made by pig slaughtering replaced the sound made by Buddha Recitals Chai Tian Gwei was so happy that his idea finally worked He commanded his wife to hold the pigs’ limbs whenever he did the killing As such, three years went by. Namo Amitabha Buddha… “Lian Shian, come and start work now” “OK” Hold the legs. Hold down “Lian Shian” “Heh?” “I am going for a meeting with Mr. Yim” “OK” I may come back late tonight “Wait, Tian Gwei. You forgot this” “Oh” “Don’t wait for me to come back” The kind-hearted one… We made the special trip here to inform you… Three days later, we will follow Amitabha Buddha to escort you home Who, who are all of you? Oh dear I knew well in advance that you will come and take the revenge I knew this day will come I beg you all Though it is against my will to kill you all You are indeed died in my hands I knew well in advance of this retribution You don’t have to wait three days. You can take my life now The kind-hearted one. Please do not be mistaken We managed to board the World of the Extreme Bliss due to your help How can we take your life? It is because your completion of your Buddha Recital cultivation Amitabha Buddha will need to escort you to the Western Pure Land I have been committing killing all these years Countless pigs have died in my hands My karma is evil and heavy How can I have any cultivation reward? The kind-hearted one, do you still remember? What did you do whenever you killed us? Piggy, piggy. I do not have anyway to save you I can only help you do Buddha Recitals before your death I am asking Amitabha Buddha to escort you to the Pure Land quickly Why are you mumbling in front of the dying pig? Come. Push the pig to me and help me to hold it down I need to make the kill now. Hey, hold firmer please You recited silently in your heart until we stopped breathing Because of your supportive recital, we received Amitabha’s escort we all were reborn in the Western Pure Land Today your cultivation has already reached frution You name is already inscribed in the lotus seat Please prepare yourself quickly Three days later, we will follow Amitabha Buddha as well as a large number Bodhisattvas to escort
you to the Western World of Extreme Bliss Namo Amitabha Buddha… Hi Tian Gwei. Are you awake now? You wake up already? I prepared all your cloths already Those for spring time is at the top The clothing for the winter is below Please don’t mix them up when dressing I no longer need this clothing any more I’ll give it to Mrs. Lee, my opposite neighbour Hey Lian Shian, how come my face washing water is so cold? Hah? You are really… How many times do I have to tell you?
I cannot wash my face with cold water How can a wife be so stupid Alright alright. It’s all my fault. Hehe Lian Shian, there is something wrong with you It is quite late. We should take the lunch now We need to go to the abattoir after lunch Lian Shian, are you alright? It is late now. Hurry up and take the lunch. We need to start work in the abattoir after lunch “I am not going” “What? Are you not going?” Then who is going to help me? I’m not going today, I’m not going tomorrow. I’m not going forever Come and take your meal Come and take your meal, quick. Come on Hey, what are you up to? Tian Gwei, you should discontinue killing from now on Because I am returning home Home? What home you are returning to? You parents are no longer here You don’t have any one in your parents’ family either Which home do you have other than this one? I tell you honestly The home I am referring to is not what you’re talking about I am returning to the Western World of Extreme Bliss What? Do you want to die? Your heart is really not good Being a vegetarian and doing Buddha Recitals are what I intended to do but you disallowed me to be a vegetarian It would also be good if I could do Buddha Recitals But you forced me to help you to kill pigs Moreover, you insisted to tell me wrongdoer is the one who hold down the pigs’ limb So it is your full intention to stop me from doing Buddha Recitals Hey, you… Seeing such a terrible you, I am not sure how many
more bad things you still can do to me So I never let out a voice when I
did Buddha Recitals in front of you For the last few years I have been reciting the Buddha inside my heart Whenever I hold down the pigs’ limbs, I am praying in my heart until the pigs let out their last breath But I never expected Every pig I held down has sought rebirth in the World of Extreme Bliss In order to thank me for doing Buddha Recitals for them 3 days later they will follow Amitabha to escort
me to the Western World of Extreme Bliss Oh my God, come on! come on! What are you talking about? Thousand and one nights? What? Even animals can seek rebirth? Oh my God I think you must be insane Are you racing a fever? Is your brain impaired by the fever? Hey, tell me some more I am telling you the truth It cannot be, isn’t it? I may not understand others, but I fully understood you Normally you held down the pigs’ limbs when I did the kill Evil people like you how can you go to the Western World of Extreme Bliss? Who do you want to bluff? Tian Gwei, it is up to you to believe it or not I will leave in three day’s time You…take care of yourself Hey, I am telling all of you I’m not sure if my wife is mad or not, but she said
she’s going to the Western World of Extreme Bliss or what not She even said the pigs were there already She said the pigs and the Buddha will come and escort her Hehe. Whoever said this means that he/she is going to die Tell me – who on earth can predict his time of death? Everyone will like to be alive, isn’t it?” Who will be so happy to go and die? “Death is good for you. You can find a new one” Get lost and stand one side! Mr. Chai, your wife must have been frightened to madness by the ghosts. May be because she was not doing Buddha Recitals
for three years and went into depression She does not appear to be seeing ghosts Regarding Buddha Recital, she recited silently in her
heart when I disallow her to do so Hey, moreover, she even recited during pig slaughtering That’s to say, we will know if it is
true or not in three day’s time At that time the truth will be revealed – dead or alive It is good to know if it is real or bluff “We will go to his place to see how his
wife ascend to the Western Heaven” “Yay!” Lian Shian, what on earth are you doing? Why do you wake up so early to comb hair and make up? You even put on the perfume powder, I can’t sleep well you know You are really… Ok Ok. It is late now. You should wake up. Lian Shian, Lian Shian It’s strange. Why is the house filled with fragrance today? It is not the scent of perfume or makeups. That’s right. Is today the third day? My wife said she is leaving today Would it be true? I never take your words seriously in my life Today I may try to make an exception I really need to see how are you going back to the old home
in the Western World of Extreme Bliss “Come quickly and watch” “Hey, don’t push me” Mr. Chai, how is your wife? Heh? Namo Amitabha Buddha… I don’t have a clue Mr. Chai, where is your wife? How? How? Look! Over there… Over there… I could not see anything She’s coming She’s coming out What is she doing? She even took out the bench Why is she sitting there? Looks as though a new year celebration “What’s going on?” “Not sure” Namo Amitabha Buddha… Please excuse me Where is Mrs. Chai? Namo Amitabha Buddha… Hi Mrs. Chai Hi Old Mistress I come over to take a look at you Namo Amitabha Buddha… Look! What is going on? She has really left Let’s run Mrs. Chai, no, I meant Bodhisattva I shouldn’t have done this in the past I abetted your husband to sabotage your Dharma cultivation Your great Holiness please forgive me. I am admitting my wrong I will listen to you for now on and I will stop catching fish Let’s leave this place Mr. Chai was stunned by the sudden fact revealed in front
of him and he did not know what to do At that moment the glory and realistic presence of Amitabha is like a strong beam of light shone into his heart His evil doings were completely revealed: his killing, his sabotage on other’s cultivation, his slandering of
the Buddha and not believing in the Dharma Hereforth Mr. Chai changed to someone who practiced Buddha Recitals Master, this is indeed a moving story I’ll try my best to tell this story to all
fellow cultivators and those who practice the Buddha Recitation Such that everyone can share Amitabha’s unconditional salvation Buddha Recitals can save even the extreme evil doers This what Amitabha’s great compassion is about Thank you, master

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