Cultivation Rooms for the Cannabis Industry

While the cannabis cultivation industry
is in its infancy, it is almost certain that it will be regulated in the future
by the FDA or other governmental agencies like pharmaceutical and tobacco
products. With PortaFab modular building systems, you can build for future
compliance now. Our proven cleanroom systems used within the food, medical, and
pharmaceutical industries maintain strict environmental control over
temperature, humidity, and air quality while offering a high rate of
clean-ability. A typical cannabis facility requires the segmentation of multiple
processes as well as enclosed rooms for different strains. PortaFab’s clean line
wall systems allow you to build bigger, stronger, and taller interior rooms
reaching longer spans without the use of support columns. The load-bearing framing
system can be designed to support lighting filtration and other mechanical
equipment without having to tie into an existing structure for support. It can be
capped with a corrugated roof deck for a clean and professional finish, or a
panelized roof deck to achieve greater insulation, and thermal control. Plus,
moisture resistant and easy to clean wall panels are available to help you
comply with cGMP standards and other regulations. Finally, the flexible post
and panel design allows for easy expansion or future modifications to
accommodate changes in your business. PortaFab’s pre-engineered systems
provide a flexible and simplified solution for achieving future compliance
that requires less time to design and less cost to build. PortaFab cleanroom
construction simplified.


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  2. My rotten neighbors appear to use a similar system and I am wondering what you do to prevent low frequency vibration in your units. I am a neighbor of ABV cannabis co pure greens in Salida, Colorado who is tormenting our formerly beautiful area with light pollution and a low frequency vibration that hurts us 24/7. Their grow has made our life hell and me sleepless and suicidal and I would hate for anyone else to have to deal with such torture from a greedy grower. I know I'm a pain, but gentrification and extermination by greenhouse is not an acceptable benefit of cannabis!

  3. This seems like a reasonable idea. I want complete information about this. I am starting up something that this might fit into in lots of ways.

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