Curious George All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PS2, Gamecube, XBOX)

whoa who’s maybe we should take the highway is
there a highway there’s ten again keep going you’re
doing great hey slow down I can catch a later boat
there goes ten keep going we’re driving on that let me out I’ll walk the rest of
the way no more bridges I never want to do that
again you still need to catch up for Ted are
we bare nuts looks like Ted is heading for the
village keep going get to the other side of the village
jump on the villagers baskets and rooftops be careful not to touch the
ground if you do you’ll get caught don’t get carried outside the village why’s
there it is that’s my ship well not my ship for damn thanks you ever come to
America you make a great cab driver in the city not find your way onto the
elevator and get the idol make your way to the top of the crane hey check around a monkey where did you
come from is you hey I wonder if he can do tricks hey little monkey do some
tricks for us thanks little guy hey I wonder if he could do the obstacle
course yeah see if you can get all the bananas collect all of the bananas
before the timer runs out ready to race three two one go I ain’t sayin much now make your way to the top of the crane
and get the idol swamp one of the sailors is on his way a pretender by the poet we tell them when I get back mr.
Bloomsberry we have a big problem big little problem it’s it’s no good maybe I
can go for the laughs a funny thing happened to me on the way is the gala cabs through the city and follow Ted’s
cab if your taxi stops or goes the wrong way jump to another one if the sign on
top of a nearby cab lights up jump on to it be careful not to fall into the
street looks like we’re gonna be here for a
while fine I think I’ve been driven enough for one
lifetime anyway I’ll walk from here what’s the damage other than my nerves
1250 sunshine do you have a brother who drives trucks in Africa yeah I know as a
matter of fact what was that I didn’t hear anything
okay pants I know you are in there open door now
did you hear noise you’ve been working too hard you’re imagining things
when I get door open you go to pound and 17b get evicted there is noise again umm
pigeons outside maybe definitely not in the bathroom
no wait don’t go in there come out with paws wolves or fins up that must be
around here somewhere oh hi there little girl maybe you can
help me I’ve lost some of my paintbrushes my boss finds out he’s
gonna be so mad at me could you help me if you find a brush
bring it to my cart pad Thanks it must be close out of way ugly little
girl I must find pet well I guess I better get this card upstairs so I can
start on Ms plush bottoms place oh hey Junior
what brings you here I wasn’t hiding a monkey or anything what are you babbling
about did you forget the press conference Yeah right the press
conference no yet going the reporters are waiting in the exhibit hall right
time as monkey or my money gotta go does that Looney have a monkey here I’d
better keep my eyes open get to the vent light laugh now but wait
and see yellow is the new caddy next question how did you move such a huge
Idol it was surprisingly easy really next mr. Bloomsberry predicts this will
be big for the museum your thoughts go to the platform near the ceiling and get
the idol yeah I got better things to do than look
for monkeys I’ll just set the alarm now what was that code oh yeah three for two
there the laser tech mm will sound the alarm if there are any monkeys around
and this is what makes African soil especially fascinating a dust who can
tell me what’s special about African does anyone yes
dust very interesting but we want to hear about the idol the idol all right
the idol where did you find it find it in Africa I thought we’ve been through
that how old is it old uh well we haven’t run a carbon-dating analysis yet
how big is it big how size is all relative isn’t it
what – an ant and seriously the yellow suit what’s the story there who are you
wearing yeah that suit looks like something out
of a kids book hey would you just knock it off about the suit already find a way up to the Train and get the
idol hold on today’s Tuesday the new parking lot
monthly comes out today I don’t have time to waste looking for monkeys besides this Hall is equipped with the
laser tech 3000 they’re all set Junior you are a clever clever man rattle each of the three bases to create
a distraction jump onto the pedestal what that what’s going on all right who
put that ugly monkey statue out here who keeps doing that now to get maintenance
to remove that monkey statue it was like it’s watching me that’s it I cannot concentrate with all
this racket I’ve had enough of this place for one day I’m going home make
your way to the platform near the ceiling and get the Idol find a way to get to the dinosaur
exhibit there are a lot of other great things to see her at the Museum have you
met dog and frog we’re Augie and Grogg your guides when
you found the I don’t know aughh and Grogg are cavemen did the cavemen
worship the idol I know maybe can we see the idols yes can we get a little
glimpse of it we’re still working out some small problems but when it’s ready
I can certainly promise you’ll have a little glimpse go to the top of the tree and get the
idol you are the balloons have fun given one bed no I think he
should maybe he’s a performing monkey Oh maybe he wants to pop the balloons see
if you can pop these balloons we don’t know balloons but you have enough tokens
so who am I to say no thank you you go have fun collect as many balloons as possible
move right and left to dodge the obstacles press and hold the jump
control to move over obstacles that you can’t dodge come here you you’re on the
net back to the jungle rats dolls had died of food news McClean they don’t pay me enough to deal with it’s you I thought you was that rat
again that was ready this is if George lost shrine of Segawa
is at the end of this path it’s like the controls for the fridge on
the other side George see if you can find a good course good job George let’s keep going Don Dina get us across the river but I
think the brake is jammed George see if you can get up there and
fix it and be careful now what there must be more columns under water there
has to be a way to raise them so that we can walk
looks like it’s up to you again buddy find me a poem Chieko for cheer oh please let’s keep
going Bravo’s Dan oh you’ve gotta be kidding me
these guys really didn’t want anyone to get to that shrine
well at least they put the switch on our side this time nothing that I can reach
it see if you can hop up and get to that switch Jorge good job that did not get us across well
at least it’s distort George I need to ask you that’s it you did it now let’s get up to
that shrine Oh No it’s sealed shut great two trips to
Africa and nothing to show yeah you do have a new friend and that’s great but
friendship won’t get us that Idol you wanna climb that can’t do that okay but
be careful some of those ledges look awfully small and slippery Oh George you did okay okay we did it
well come on get down here since we’re partners it wouldn’t be fair for me to
go in without you you’re really good at that all right all right here we go


  1. I loved this cartoon as a kid i grew up playing the ps2 and if I knew this game was a thing I would’ve asked for it

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