Currie Lab Observation Hive

My name is Kirk Grubbs, I work in the Currie
Lab and I work on honeybees. I am interested in the bacteria and fungus that grow in hives
and that are associated with healthy hives. So we have an observation hive here, so you
can see five frames and it’s made of plexi glass for the most part. It took us a while
to get it, people didn’t really want us drilling a hole in the building because it’s a new
building but we finally got the ok to do that. And so we have a tube that passes through
the wall that bees can come in and out of and then kind of going from the top down of
the hive, up here there’s more of where they’d be storing honey and this is honey right here
and so the bees in this hive are pretty new so they’re pretty sparse right now but they’re
building up. You can see also pollen stores which are these darker cells. The queen is
in here and she’s marked with the green dot. I usually look at it probably for a half hour
every day. Getting how the bees work together almost as a single organism to survive is
really the main point for me.


  1. they arent doing well at all apparently!!! I've been keeping around 10 observation hives in my personal Lab (in France) for more than 6 years now and they are much more populated than yours!!! and overwinter well inside the lab too ; I could give you tips and help if ever you would need it to improve yours.

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