Cyborg Gardener Defies The Sun!

My name’s Jeb and this cilantro It’s so hot It’s hot I’m going to show you the future And the past The heat of summer is returning Are you ready? Cilantro seeds Sprout so easily It’s leaves grow all summer long It’s all happening again Living things suffer in the heat I guess we’ll have to talk about cilantro later When somebody said “air conditioned shirt” My imagination went wild We’re going to need a robot arm umbrella A box fan blasting in your face And a giant condenser backpack Looks like there’s a simpler solution Just seal it at the waist Blow the air out the top So I got greedy and divided the cilantro Putting this thing together was easy enough The plugs with the tabs go in the fans The battery is rechargeable Fresh air in, sweaty air out They don’t all sprout so Plant more seed than necessary Now I am A rocket man Time to kill some plants 117 Fahrenheit=42 Celcius Not this one Not yet Cilantro is slow to sprout Early on it makes luscious leaves Then things change It becomes Habitat These cilantro flowers are so beautiful Taste and see if it’s bitter Plant your seeds over and over Details on the shirt are in the video description Share with Friends!


  1. I wonder if using mycorrhiza and trichorderma would keep your roots healthy. I use great white on my roots but I also have bubblers. Apparently healthy bacteria or Bennie's are supposed to take up space so harmful bacteria doesn't have room to grow.

  2. I love everything you do Jeb!! It is always so entertaining and informational to watch your videos! Plus I love the music scores you provide!

  3. Hey Jeb great video as always. One question what is that vertical grow stand of pots called that you are using? Would love to get a few for my herbs. Cheers mate.

  4. Next up, robotic AC gloves!

    Another good vid Jeb 🙂

    Im used to seeing Cilantro in the little pots you can get from the supermarket when you want fresh herbs. Didnt know they actually grew to be massive!

  5. Dude, its so hot here in finland rn.. its like 35°c for the next week. Should i now plant something?

  6. Hey Jeb you should come out with a gardening book along with your drawings. Even possibly your own design kratky pots I'd honestly buy both. Just an idea 👍

  7. Have you consider a User Survey? Survey the audience to your channel and how they describe themselves? It could make a funny episode as your read off what a generic viewer is like. Personally, I’m not a gardener but I’m curious of self sustaining life style. Your vid add a sense of ….scope to a humble garden. 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  8. It’s been about 2 weeks since i came across ur channel and I decided I wanna copy what u do. It looks fun.
    Got some kale seeds popping out and those root hairs look really cool.

  9. what size shirt did you get Jeb im not used to using centimeters. thus im unsure if large in china is the same as large in Florida.

  10. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four beasts
    And I looked, and behold a pale horse
    And his name that sat on him was Jeb, and plants followed with him

  11. Jeb Gardener Might I suggest the inclusion of even some kind of smaller plastic grille under the fan, or a ventilation cover overhead of the fan; to better prevent bugs/random bees from getting sucked up into that thing?

  12. Great vid as always Jeb, thanks!

    Quick question- How would you go about starting a garden if you lived in Canada, where over half the time it's snowing?


  13. my name's koebi

    and your videos got me outside on my porch to try and grow things for the first time! i have a small north facing patio but i've started a lettuce tote, and some small herb containers. next step will be some indoor veggies. thank you for your videos! 🙂

  14. If you play this music for your plants, they will grow stronger with the force. They will ultimately yield a much stronger resistance to the dark side…

  15. I really needed to have a good video of gardening today. You are my go to when I come in from an overheated planting, weeding, or harvesting session from the garden. I really need that shirt. Your garden looks great Jeb….in spite of the ravages of hell trying to do your garden in. I love your drawings too.

  16. I love how theatrical these videos are "let's film my garden plants and put incredibly dramatic classical music over it then act like it's the second coming when I put my fan jacket on" rofl

  17. Cyborg/human Jeb 3000, kudos for lowering your body temperature by playing "The Battle on the Ice" while you are suffering in the heat.

  18. Everytime I watch your videos I feel like I’m watching something really mysterious and dramatic as if the next is the end of the world lol I think it’s ur presentation and the music

  19. It never ceases to amaze me how much effort Jeb puts in his videos – from growing his plants to delivering a top-notch video. He's so talented , creative and highly entertaining. Jeb, your channel is so underrated. You deserve more views and subscribers.

  20. You don’t have to replant Cilantro over and over. If you are in Florida it will grow again and again just cut it back to the basics and it will repopulate itself. They cannot stand extreme heat.. but it prefers the cold to the summer. You’re planting in the wrong season. Cilantro loves spring and fall.

  21. Is it just me or am I the only one who cringes everytime they see those yellow unpainted lids? These kratky systems would work so well if he would just stop all the light leakage..

  22. Am I the only one that thinks Jeb is going to pull out some fire ass bud every time that scale gets screen time

  23. dear Jeff, I love cactus but my landlord doesn't like dirt in his house, so can you make a video growing cactus in water?

  24. I have a outdoor solar shower, when it gets hot, I get wet – LOL. Nice you have some success with cilantro there. I have found for me, growing it as a micro green in my Easy Green Sprouter is more consistent and never gets bitter. You should try growing some in that green 5 gallon strainer you grew those sprouts in.

  25. Gardening… Tim Burton style 🤔😂 Love it. Really though at least we know one composer that inspired Danny Elfman 😂

  26. Geb: grows cilantro
    Cilantro: grows
    Geb: (:
    Cilantro: * grows taller than pepa pig*
    Geb: you weren’t supposed to do that

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