Dan’s Gardening Diaries at Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park – Pilot Episode

Hi there I’m “Dan the Gardener” were down at
Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park and this is my little garden area. There’s a couple of jobs we’re
going to do today. One, is cut back the Penstemons. He looks dead, he doesn’t look
very well but actually he’s fine. So what we’re going to do is a little demonstration
what to do. Secateurs, nice and sharp ideally, and what we do, is you go down and chase all
this dead growth back and literally just snip it down at the base, and that’s revealing
all this new growth. Which is this year’s growth and will produce this year’s flowers.
As you can see, there’s a few to do here just in this patch but 10 minutes on it or so,
and all of a sudden, a job’s done! So another job to do today, is splitting some perennials
and one plant we’re going to do is called Helianthus, one called ‘Lemon Queen’. So that’s
over here. Tools for the job; is a spade and two forks. I’ve got a daddy fork and a mummy
fork! Right, so what we do is basically, it sounds quite brutal, but what we’ve got to
do is just dig into a clump like so, and you get your two forks, and basically turn them
inside out, so one’s facing that way. Stamp him in. And get the other one alongside and
stamp him in, then basically pries the plant apart. Now this was quite a big clump, so
we can probably get him into at least 4 clumps. So what was one plant, is now 4! So it’s excellent
value for money! So that’s it for today, come on down to Farmer Palmer’s Farm Park and you’ll
see some progress over the next coming weeks and we’ll be selling some plants in the future
as well. All the best, see you later!

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