Digitalisation of Agriculture

The face of farming is changing. This is Sonya. She’s a new generation of digital farmer, and the power is now in her hands. Data from satellites enables her to receive precise agricultural tips With her farm vulnerable to the
impacts of climate change, weather reports help her
to make better decisions. While e-payments enable her to easily send and receive money. These disruptive digital
services don’t just benefit farmers, they also create
decent jobs for young people. One entrepreneur has created
an app which allows Sonya to access new markets, and get a fair price for her produce. While a local startup flies
drones that profile her co-operative and monitor the
health of crops and land. The real-time data gives Sonya information she can act on. It helps her use fertilisers and
other inputs more effectively to increase yields while
reducing environmental impacts. The surge in data from thousands of
small-holder farmers gives banks the information they need to lend money and
offer insurance against extreme weather. Big data can help governments
make better informed decisions, and progressive digital
policies can enable innovative technologies like
artificial intelligence, blockchain and the internet
of things, to make entire supply chains more
efficient and transparent. But it’s not just about technology. It’s about transforming the
lives of smallholder farmers like Sonya to increase production
and improve livelihoods. This is next generation agriculture,
bringing scalable solutions that will help make the UN’s sustainable
development goals a reality. [To find out more, visit]

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