Division of Agricultural & Food Chemistry (AGFD)

It’s the warmth and support
of a division that mostly impacted
my transition from having lived and studied
in the Caribbean, where I’m from to working and researching
here in the United States. With such a small fee,
literally a small fee to become a division member I gained a tremendous network
of friends and colleagues who have helped shaped the
trajectory of my life and career over the past 11 years. I really felt like
I found a home. And in that home, I became
increasingly involved in service including authorship
and editorship of ACS Symposium Series and structuring of technical
symposia. My involvement has not only
helped me grow in my career but more importantly have helped
me contribute to the shaping of the science of the division. While obviously, the biggest
value is in networking and interacting with your peers, twice annually, at our national
meetings and technical symposia you can also get involved
at almost any level. Whether or not, you are looking
for a community of like minded scientists for a way to advance
your science, a way to become involved or
a way to influence the future of the field of agriculture
and food chemistry becoming a member of the
division will foster all of those opportunities for you. You’ll be inducted in a strong
and very passionate group of like-minded,
culturally diverse group of scientists,
that I promise you, I guarantee it. You’ll become
like a family and a home for you
throughout your career. As a first time member,
of the American Chemical Society you get your first year in a
technical division for free. So make sure you choose
Agricultural and Food
Chemistry Division. I look forward to meeting you
very very soon.

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