DIY- How To Make Beeswax from Fresh Honeycomb (for Use on Natural Hair, Skin and Candles)

hi lovelies welcome back to my channel
my name is Chinwe Juliet and today you will be learning from me how to turn
fresh honeycomb into beautiful luscious beeswax. Now it’s important that you
watch to the end so that you know all the steps. Don’t forget to comment, share,
and if you like this kind of video let me know as well and obviously don’t forget
to subscribe. Thank you and keep watching. First of all I want us to take
a moment to appreciate how beautiful this honeycomb is. This is the amount of the
fresh honeycomb I will be using as you can see this honeycomb has two distinct
colors it has the bright golden color and the dark golden brown rich color and
when the honey is extracted it has the colors that look like the honeycomb.
However when I’m done making the beeswax laugh at the end of the video you would
see that the color of the honeycomb actually does not affect the beeswax look at that honey
so so beautiful. So what we do first is extract the honey by leaving it for a
month sitting. we don’t use any mechanical method we
just let it sit and let all the honey drip out into a container and once all the honey is
extracted from the honeycomb we proceed to do the following; We are doing this
outside with firewood because we decided to try something new but also because
it reduces how much cleaning up we have to do. What we did first was to put the dried honeycomb
into a cheesecloth and put it in a pot with water the quantity of water depends
on the amount of honeycomb you’re using so here we filled a quarter of the pot
with water so you can decide to do this in your kitchen as well on low to medium
heat make sure it is not high heat only medium to low
heat and just allow all the wax to come
through the cheesecloth you’ll be able to tell it’s ready when it looks like
this so the water changes color and it looks something like this (golden brown)
as you can also see the liquid beeswax has the same color as the honey earlier you
will also notice from the wooden spoon that she’s holding that the hot beeswax solidifies very quickly so it is important that you have your storage
container to transfer everything quickly a word of caution here because this liquid
beeswax gets really hot so if you would like to get it out make sure you wear gloves.
she has like fire resistant hands but to everyone else please be safe and wear
gloves so right here we’re transferring it into the boat we want to use to let
it sit overnight and it just looks like golden syrup liquefied golden syrup but
it really really tastes good it’s pretty much honey so it tastes really nice
obviously I tasted this when it cooled down not while I was still hot here
we let it sit overnight and as you can see the beeswax separated from the
excess water and it looks like a thick block of shea butter this shows that you
don’t have to worry much about the quantity of water you use the beeswax
will always completely separate if you leave it long enough. we are going to
transfer this into a pot to dissolve it with low heat it doesn’t take very long for the wax to
melt and as I have reiterated so many times in this video use low to medium
heat to lift this pot please be careful because it gets really hot and while the
beeswax was dissolving we prepared our strainer all you need is a bowl a
cheesecloth or mesh cloth and the metal stainless steel seat for the smallest
gaps you can find this step is really important to remove
any debris that may have gotten into our beeswax you have to pour in the beeswax
quickly as begins to solidify as soon as you take it off the heat we strained twice because we wanted our
beeswax extra clean we put them in ice cream paper cups to
form and to cool completely okay so this is what the beeswax looks
like in the cup before the cup is peeled off I forgot to show the peeling off
part so this is what it looks like but it’s always best to use a paper cup to
dry your beeswax if you have one this was an ice cream cup actually that I
used so you could use any people cup you find if you just find something you
don’t have to go out buying anything and paper cups are better than plastic cups
obviously so yeah that’s that okay this beautiful beeswax, beautiful
beautiful beautiful all dried off it’s a perfect beeswax and worth all the steps
you can use beeswax on your natural hair and skin ,candles and you can find it in many natural
cosmetic products have you ever tried using beeswax before or would you try
this in your inconvenient time let me know in the comment section below and
don’t forget to Like share and subscribe thank you all so much for watching see
you in my next video bye


  1. So awesome! 🤩🏅I use beeswax candles all the time, but I never made them from the honeycomb! 😁👍🏾 i have to try this! 🤗❣

  2. Thanks so much for this tutorial. Never knew how beeswax was made so it did not occur to me that with a little patience I could make it myself at home! From time to time I notice that some of my hair products esp. pomades list beeswax as one of the ingredients, and I've always heard that it is good for hair and skin but up till now that is all I knew basically. So thanks again for enlightening me.

  3. This was a fantastic video showing how you make beeswax from scratch, thank you. I have never made it myself. I know it is in lots of products. I have never made it myself, but do use purchased beeswax to make my own lip balm, which is great. Thanks again for this amazing video. Hopefully, I will get the opportunity to make my own beeswax❤

  4. Hi @igbocurls I have been a follower for a year and a half now. Good job on your videos. I experience hair loss all the time. Every time I loose my natural hair from protective styles which is how I style my natural hair all the time. What do I do to stop this? My hair is so rubbery, I barely see or know it's real length.
    Also, is there a place you can one to get beeswax in Abuja, Nigeria?

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