DIY Nasty Gal Wrap Crop Top (Sewing) From Tank Top / Body Suit

okay hi this is my do it yourself halter
wrap crisscross crossbody whatever you want to call it crop top tutorial video
made based on these pictures and let’s get started so first I put tracing paper
on an American Apparel bodysuit that fits me and freehand drew the shape that
I saw in the picture which is a sweetheart
full top and then I just designed it based on the swooping Criss crossing
pattern that I saw in the picture and made the pattern then I adjusted the
pattern to fit my body by putting it on more tracing paper and adding however
many inches I needed on both sides and however much seam allowance I needed
then I made the back by putting just one sheet of tracing paper on the back of
the American Apparel bodysuit and making a rectangle based on that sheet then I
cut out the front and side pieces twice unfolded fabric and the rectangular back
once unfolded fabric so I could have two back pieces one for lining and one for
actual fabric and two of each side front pieces so this is how I line the back I
just sold along the top and the bottom with a 5/8 inch seam allowance
I sewed along the entire top and the entire bottom leaving both sides open so
I can flip it inside out and that’s what it looked like and then to make the top
pieces I sewed them right sides together I’ll show you what I mean right into the side and then I opened it
up and I had the pattern that you see in the pictures and then I made straps one
and a half inches by about 16 inches out of just rectangles and this is me
showing you the technique I use to create straps and then all you have to
do is trim off the excess and then turn the strap inside out with a safety pin
pinning it through one side of the fabric of the strap and then flipping
the safety pin upside down after you plug it and then turning the safety pin
into the tube and pushing it through the inside and all you can do is scrunch
cloche full scrunch push-pull takes like five seconds or you can use the string
technique I don’t know how to do that so I didn’t do that
and my straps are pretty big so there you go you can see that your strap is
lined and flawless looking so then you’ll put your strap on the right side
of the fabric that you want to show and then put the lining fabric right side on
top of the strap facing the outside of your garment so that you can line your
garment while putting the strap in and hiding it inside of your garment and
I’ll show you what I mean like there you put it at the peak of the bust in
between both fabrics and then sew them right sides together with the straps
still pinned in the fuck you can see there which is my example and then you
take the pin out so along the top and you have a strap just like that so
that’s what I did with the blue fabric you get it so then you’ll have that on
both front sides of your bodice and it’ll be lined on the inside and then
you can place it to see what it will look like and then put it up against
yourself and measure and then you can flip it back inside out and then sew
along the bottom leaving the sides open again so that you can turn it inside out
by putting your arm through it so all along the bottom with a 5/8 inch seam or
Serge and then you flip it inside out again or right-side out and you’ll have
that almost done so this is what I’ve sold so far it’s
lined obviously with the same fabric as there’s a seam there and it crosses
across the front obviously each piece and the straps are going to have to be
18 inches I guess body and this is how it will be in the back you can see this
is the back the back piece and it’s also aligned this is the inside this is
outside it’s just a tube and it’s just a straight back nothing complicated and
then it’s done so yeah and then just sew the rectangle back
piece to the front pieces at the sides as you can see in the picture and as you
can logically deduce yeah you just sew the back to the front on both sides and
make sure it fits you and you’re done and it should look like that on the
inside if you turn it 5/8 inch under then you can have it a nice clean seam
which is what I had and then it’s finished you


  1. Hola, podrías no se poner medidas o algo así? Casi no entendí aparte no manejo muy bien el ingles. Gracias! Desde Venezuela.

  2. love your tutorials, but I would really love if you could make a dress that looks something like this thanks

  3. I love this video!! Thank you so much for sharing. But I was wondering if I could zig zag stitch the whole garment.(or would that be to stretchy)  Because I am worried that if I straight stitch the front it wouldn't have enough give.

  4. Love the end result! Throughout the video you sounded like you were so bored and kind of had a "ugh whatever" tone. Made me feel like I was annoying you by even watching the video( lol). Cool tut tho!

  5. I subscribed! Great tutorial and this is totally unrelated but I saw the Shea moisture conditioner for curly and frizzy hair and I use that line of products too

  6. If you stop reading this you will die. I'm Theresa Fidalgo. If you don't post this in 29 photos I'll sleep with you forever. A girl shipped this and 20 days later her mom died. You can even google it.

  7. Oh, you can break your machine's needle by sewing over those straight pins… you may want to pull them out before sewing!

  8. Hi, I just wanted to know if there is anyway I can do this from scratch? Like what would I be doing differently than you? Thank you! Love the tutorial!

  9. @Ana Karenina extremely, especially if the person viewing has ever used store-bought patterns. You literally just sew 2 seams together and then line it (by sewing the exact same two seams together on lining fabric) and then sew the lining to the front and then attach it to the back with a strap. It would definitely be an "easy" pattern if it were in the store haha.. there aren't even any notions other than thread.

  10. Please don't ever draw the instructions. You have to learn how to explain it out of your brain. Only YOU can understand your drawings ….come on…

  11. This is the best tutorial for crop tops yet! Although, you should really reconsider your fabric choices for most of the crop tops. The bust needs more structure than just a dart or a princess seam when using really light materials like jersey/cotton.

  12. hola no entiendo el lenguaje que hablas me encantaría que publiques vídeos con subtitulados en español te lo agradecería mucho, ya que son muy buenos tus vídeos e incluso ya me suscribí besos…!!! 

  13. Thank you so much hon! This was the first thing I ever sewn with a machine and your tutorial was awesome! I'll find your instagram and def share a picture (:

  14. Rian please please please can u do something like this ?

  15. I've done this and I really, really liked the result but I changed some parts 'cause I think it fit better that way, like the interior of the chest, I put an old bra and it makes all diference (and I changed an other tiny details too)….. 
    Well good luck to your next videos 🙂
    BTW: I'm portuguese… Is my English too bad? :s

  16. You can improve but I love your video as there is always room for perfection. nobody is perfect .loved your tutorial

  17. its not a tutorial fr me… if ds is called diy then i think u should upload an audio….cause its confusing… no description abt measurement and fabric cutting according d body… wasted my time by watching ds😣😣😣

  18. Blue top is much more sleek & contoured w/nice lines …
    I used a stretch fabric – darts are not necessary for ease & good fitting …
    Good video …

  19. Boa noite estou passando para fortalecer o seu canal conto com a sua visita no canal família Tudo Artesanal ok muito obrigada

  20. I tried this, it looks really nice laying down flat, I dont really like it on, didnt fit my body well(it kinda scrunched up awkwardly in places), I'm going to scrap it. 🙁 was a fun idea tho.

  21. You have a natural talent with design and construction that as you can see from comments most people don't share. I hope you expand your knowledge with a little more formal training because it could really up your game. Maybe invest in some good sewing technique books and follow some sewest blogs and Instagram. I'd recommend male pattern boldness, self taught and has gone on to fashion institute of technology in NYC. Diary of a sewing fanatic because she's great and has a great list of other bloggers to look at. That black chic because she does very young fresh fresh and definitely sister flavored outfits, started a magazine to feature other sewests and designers. This little top was good. You figuring out how to make it was awesome! Develop it!

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