Drone (bee) Flow™ Hive delivery

– Hey. (laughing) (upbeat guitar music) – [Voiceover] Okay are
we just about ready? – Yeah just let me put my glasses on okay? (upbeat guitar music) Okay en route, ETA to Luci’s place 10 minutes. (upbeat guitar music) Thanks so much Luci for
chipping in to the raffle. It’s an absolute lifesaver
for some people in Nepal. (upbeat guitar music) Luci is it? – Yes thanks. – Thank you so much for
supporting the raffle for Nepal. – Oh that’s okay it’s
for a wonderful cause. (laughing) Thank you, thank you so much. – Hey!
[Luci] Hey! – We did it, we landed a
hive in Mount Tamborine. (upbeat guitar music) – [Voiceover] Delivered
by a man in a bee suit. – Yes, a very cute bee. (laughing) (upbeat guitar music)


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