Ecological vs exploitation beekeeping, teaser (please, activate english subtitles)

Teaser from the documentary “THE ECOLOGICAL BEE KEEPING” Meeting Jean-Claude Guillaume it’s extraordinary, once you plunge into the world of Bees, it’s magnificent. What’s important is to become conscious of the value of the bee, and also become conscious of the power of consumption that we have as individuals. People have not yet understood that bees are essential to Life. We know that there is a policy of exploitation of bees, we cannot turn back time, But at the same time, there needs to be a policy concerning the welfare and the protection of bees. There was a program to save bee keeping, which is not the same thing as a program to save the bees. There is a slight difference…. it is the excessive over exploitation as well as the education of bee keepers, to be good modernist bee keepers. The bees are victime of the cupidity and the idiocy of man kind, and to this I would add the cowardice. Because we can denounce as much as we want what is happening, nobody wants to make a move. We are coming out of the natural cycle of life, and as soon as you come out of the cycle of life of whatever species, its existence is in danger. it is a business, as soon as you start with a modern hive or a hive with frames like a Dadant hive, you step into the business world, you enter into the system, and so you have to buy the wax, the frames, the chemicals to treat the bees because they are sick due to the wrong conditions that they live in, they become sick. It would be the same for us, if we were ill housed, wrongly fed we would become sick… The ideal situation would be to put in place conservatories apiaries that are looked after by people who are ecologist in their soul. in the ecological bee hive we share the honey with the bees, that is the main idea, the sharing with the bees. The work in ecological beekeeping is a work of surveillance through the flight hole, as well as through the back window and the observation of the flora that is around the hive. Someone who sets up an ecological hive must improve his forage perimeter so that the bees have all they need close by and don’t have to fly out. It does not serve any purpose to put ecological hives in areas where there is intense agriculture, this will create issues, even with ecological hive. The ecological hive won’t make miracles, it will preserve the bees, because you let them live their natural behavior in an appropriate environment. The ecological hive does not move, again this a major disturbance for the bees. The roof is a room of ventilation, this is the specificity of the ecological hive. it is the difference between the Warré hive and the ecological hive. The extraction of the honey in an ecological hive is very simple and it requires a minimum of material. No extractor, no need for sophisticated material that you can find in modern beekeeping. So the modern beekeeper believe that the varroa is the n°1 public enemy, something that needs to be cleansed out because it is believed to weaken the colony. This is false. The varroa moves in colonies which are already weakened. And why are they weakened ? Because they are over exploited. Full version of this documentary, informations on ecological beekeeping, our actions and trainings :


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