Ellen’s Game of Games – In Your Face, Honey: Episode 4 (Highlight)


  1. hi ellen me and my mom are fans we always watch you everyday we wish that we can see you because you are kind funny and generes

  2. Omg I love you do much Ellen on day I hope I can be on your show or at least be in the Audience you Inspire me to be more funny and not give to people

  3. you can not understand how much I would like to see all the episodes, but in my country it does not go on tv and I do not find a way to see the show

  4. Oh my gosh, Rachel is from Fire Down Below! Cause on there, she said Zach for "something you call your significant other"! (It was on Ellen, not Game of Games)

  5. I wish I lived in Cal so I could go to The Ellen Show or Game of Games. But I live in a tiny town in Ohio where nothing ever happens.. 😢😢

  6. I think this calls for an underhand loft. It could balance out the velocity from the chair and the angle of the fall… I think… 😂

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