1. Yes, go to work and pay your taxes, mortgage, Ins, car and medical…the rich need your money they just lost billions. Works in china right, just ignore it and it's not real…fake news, right? Just a flu, they will be ok…right.

  2. When did the patient show up at the hospital? Contact tracing can't happen if you were at that hospital this week and don't know what day this patient came to the ER.

  3. Cost of living:
    Our pay set legislation, subjugating workers to live paycheck to paycheck, with five sick days, has become a major public health concern.
    People living in communities are shareholders and shouldn't just be asked to pay all the cost without representation.
    Since corporations are people shouldn't their children (authoritarian bills and rent) get sick days?

  4. This comes after they refused to release any information until today. They expect us to believe they "just discovered this"… bullshit. Fire/recall this entire Oregon government. Worthless cancer.

  5. Containment of SARS-CoV-2 (aka coronavirus aka COVID-19) was lost over a month ago; Two months from now we will wish we closed schools, businesses, prepped and self-isolated when we had the chance, but too many governmental party-people screwing it up with bureaucracy and ignorance. Sorry, global leadership is failing us, their ‘response’ woefully inadequate and far too late, to say the least!

    What a global Idiocracy we have!

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