[ENG] 150611 [BTS Kkul (Honey) FM 06.13] 2nd BTS birthday ‘BTS FESTA 2015’

[BTS – Second Grade
Translated by Hyejin] In the blink of an eye,
I become a new 2nd grader I pull the trigger once more
Cause time flowing fast Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it In the blink of an eye,
I become a new 2nd grader Someone who used to only chase dreams
is now setting fire on stage Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it There isn’t much
that changed about me, baby 2nd grade in the music industry I’m still a 181 baby,
only the height of my heart grew I’m somewhat at 1st place
in my grade baby We received it, the rookie away While walking around the halls, we receive it,
the greetings of our new juniors I think I understand it a bit now,
doing rehearsals proficiently We gained juniors of 1 year And I feel like I’m a bit popular now Ahhhh shhh but in front of our eyes,
there are 5, 6 year seniors Hello. That’s when I feel it,
that in reality, we’re still far off The public are the teachers,
and didn’t give us any burden up till last year They said that it’s okay since
we’re just first grade rookies They sat me down and told me who cold the world is,
and taught me a few subjects: Prejudice, negative replies, double standards,
cursing and lack on interest Teacher, are there SATs here too If you get 1st place,
are you a succeeded singer Although those are good,
I want to do music For now, I’ll just do what I want to.
Leave me alone Work it out work it out 24 hours Burn it up burn it up
Burn up every moment Throw worries of
this and that behind you Even if 1 year passes,
we live in today In the blink of an eye,
I become a new 2nd grader I pull the trigger once more
Cause time flowing fast Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it In the blink of an eye,
I become a new 2nd grader Someone who used to only chase dreams
is now setting fire on stage Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it Still everyday
Bang it bang it bang it bang it Ah I’m already in 2nd grade oh no In the blink of an eye,
time is fast go go Working hard studying,
working hard in playing too right And like a miracle
came true in this year, bye But what do I do, I feel worried Although I probably don’t have to look out
for the reactions of others as much, there’s an enormous amount of
subjects we need to learn When I think it’s time to rest,
the teacher talks Nagging bbang bbang bbang You’ll have to do well on the SATs [BTS – Boyz with Fun
Translated by Sevina] We are here
Ah Hyped boy scouts Here here
Ah Hyped boy scouts We are here
Ah Hyped boy scouts Hyped hyped boys boys
hyped hyped boys boys Even I don’t know myself that well We are here
Ah Hyped boy scouts Here here
Ah Hyped boy scouts We are here
Hyped boy scouts Hyped hyped boys boys
hyped hyped boys boys Hyped boy scouts
until the early morning moon sets Ah it’s really fun
all the pretense has gone home Ages ago even though
you are tone deaf or beat-deaf It doesn’t mean anything to me
things like that Give stuff like that to the dog I’m excited excited excited excited Come come over here
I see your shoulders bouncing to the beat Let’s ride go with me We can see the summits over there Add some more to everyday life
And I become crazy In the state of a normal person
I can’t get to those summits. Baby Hyped hyped get rid of the start up Hyped hyped keep up the speed All of you watch watch I’m going crazy,
don’t stop me tonight Go away, go away,
people who hate me Go back to your houses, houses The moment the music flows, I Feel like I’m going to go crazy. Hey You’re going to be shaken by my body Right now at this moment Don’t ask me I was originally like this Even I don’t know myself that well Because I’m me from beginning to end Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo Wo We’re here
Ah Hyped boy scouts Here here
Ah Hyped boy scouts We’re here
Ah Hyped boy scouts Hyped hyped kids kids Even I don’t know myself that well My fatal body movements My crazy craziness I want to do everything my way Don’t touch me I’m the oldest of them all but
No no no They play with me but
No no no Whatever I’m Ok with that ok [BTS – Dope
Translated by Mary & Sevina] Dope I refuse a refusal I’m originally too much Everyone copies what I do Dope dope dope dope I refuse a refusal Everyone’s my slave


  1. The second question ("I like my roommate, but sometimes I'm envious of those in other rooms") where no one raised their hands besides Jungkook and Taehyung… They're in different rooms….

  2. 24:40
    "Raise your hand if you like your roommates but are sometimes envious of others roommates"


  3. 32:39
    Suga: "You don't eat beans and onions right?"
    V: "YEAH"

  4. Bangtan Subs I know my request is too much but can you translate their BTS 1st Birthday Festa 2014. Thank you so much 😘😘😘

  5. lmaoo did anyone notice that
    24:41 suga being obvious look at taekook and namjoon make lil peek to see taekook and suga and namjoon smile each other secretly hfhsfs
    25:37 and jungkook being too nervous about that question bcs he know that he got trapped and obvious by his hyungs and try to cover his ass hsshshh


  7. Suga's wish came true he wanted to perform in Seoul Olympic stadium but he said his dream is too bog and now they gonna perform there 😀

  8. I love this … and I love the smile Kookie always have when TaeTae do and something that he didn’t expect to happen ☺️☺️. I love BTS so much 🤧

  9. Watching this after their comeback at the bbmas TT_TT

  10. Your subs are so detailed. I saw the original one first but this is awesome. I understand every single inside joke thanks to you guys

  11. I lost it when Suga asked a question while emphasizing on the aspect of anonymity and he looked right at Jungkook….

  12. Yoongi: Jin-hyung's wish was to buy a building.
    Me at this moment: Was he lowkey referring to buying BigHit!?!😵
    My brain after me saying that clichè line: cues the illuminati soundtrack/sound fx

  13. Jin’s character development is so amazing. He literally went from a cool guy to Mr. Worldwide Handsome. Im so happy the way he is rn, his goofy happy self instead of pretending to be something he is not.

  14. Idk but now after knowing bts better… i feel yoongi shouldnt mc.. i mean the others dont get a chance to speak… as u can see tae got so frustrated! And… it shouldnt b biased… this was mostly yg talking jk talking n hobi hyping… And everyone calling jin a pig…. 😒 im glad they dont do it anymore

  15. 2015: Jimin and Yoongi's wish was to perform at a bigger venue.
    2018: This October, they're gonna perform in Citi Field Stadium in New York.


  16. Winning a daesang and performing at seoul olympic stadium was absurd they said… Well look at them now, winning daesang awards and currently going to kick start their love yourself tour on seoul olympic stadium

  17. 13:26 RM correcting English pronunciation XD Suga snatchin' wigs with his singing!
    14:40 Kookie taking RM's part, doesn't even need to check lyrics ^_^
    17:59 the embodiment of Hope <3 V wanting to spend quality time with the group, and JK making them all laugh ^_^
    19:03 Suga just has to wait 3 years! 😀 19:10 but RM has hope!
    19:33 JK wants solo songs? DONE
    20:56 RM lost his ID card… i can't with this boy 21:27 "a farm where things grow"
    23:21 Joonkook roomates "First off, Rap Mon hyung's brain is sexy." XD Jungkook you are a gem ^_^
    26:02 poor Joonie wants JK's approval just as much as JK wants his TnT and RM uses a bamboo bolster ^+^
    29:45 recognize each other's breathing XD
    33:04 Vmon "a handsome monkey" XD <3
    34:34 laughter ^_^ and Suga whipping Jimin at 34:55
    44:33 Joon and Jimin <3 and RM likes being observed by everybody ^_^
    47:28 Suga . exe has stopped responding, Hobi spazzing about "hyung"
    57:26 a kiss from Suga ^_^
    58:53 kiss from Kookie ^_^

  18. I don't know what is the first song but every time I hear bang it bang it. I imagine Suga doing hip trust before my eyes. Is this normal ???

  19. these kids.. if only they know their future at that time, we did it for them. BTS and ARMYs worked hard for every achievements now and in the future.

  20. when hobi says his wish at 18:00 "lets go for daesang" their first daesang was 2016 then follow at 2017 and 2018 and so on😍😍😍 from no one to lejindary😊😍 im so proud of our boy,

  21. It’s so odd seeing Jin being so chill, it makes me so sad! I’m so happy he reveals his true self now “I’m the one I should love”💜

  22. thisnwas d times wen jin was in cool mode.. but i like him den and i still like him now..😊😊and wen dey stoll dream of bigger venues to daesang.. and look.. dey did it.not sure abt martial arts though. haha.

  23. 13:27 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA joonie to hobi & suga : It's not "fur". It's fall.
    I can't stop from laughing. My lungs!!!! HAHAHAHAAHHAHA

  24. BTS : After doing everything they can to expose who wrote it.

    Suga : Everything is under

  25. Watching this vid again after listening to Map of the Soul : Persona album. That feeling when each of their wishes came true 😭😭😭

  26. Jin: i'd love to be on eating shows
    Jhope: let's dream big. Let's go for daesang!
    Suga: I want to perform at a bigger venue.
    Jungkook: I want each member to make a solo song.

    What will they say if this big dreams actually came true? 😍💜

  27. A lot of bts broadcasts have been cut and now those shows use bts for their rankings
    Time travels man–

  28. This quiet, reserved Seokjin is me everywhere and the current goofy,confident Seokjin is me at home where i'm the most comfortable.

  29. Oh boys. You had no idea that all those “big” “outrageous” dreams were just around the corner.

    I’m a new ARMY. And learning where they came from and how they came to be just makes me love these boys harder and harder. 💜

  30. They keep on saying that we shouldnt dream too big in 2015 but my angels have reached that mark and are going higher and higher day by day proud of you bangtan sonyeondan ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  31. Who could have known that after years of hardships, they went to BBMAs to accept an award and perform, went to Grammys, and perform in stadiums?
    If you tell that to these seven boys years ago, they will probably say that it was a stupid idea. But, here they are, legendaries.

    I'm so proud of you, boys. I love you!

  32. 34:55 just realized that Jimin already had neck pain since 2015.. 🙁🥺 that’s why he puts on a bandana when he showers maybe it helps support his neck or something

  33. Sad that they were not able to perform the swapping of singing / rap part when they won on stage, even for fun. Oh well, nothing and no one can stop them anyway! 😍😍😍

  34. watching this again and at 19:03 when yoongi mentioned abt performing at jamsil stadium, they all thought it was impossible and just laughed it off and even yoongi found it ridiculous to have such a wish that he apologised makes me so 😭😭😭😭😭😭 but look at them now, all their concerts in much bigger venues like rosebowl, citifield are all sold out instantly and it just makes me feel SO SO PROUD 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    in this bangtansonyeondan shit for life 🥺✊🏻

  35. And their wish became true. They got daesangs in korea and of course international awards, perform in different countries with huge venues and sold out concerts, and this coming October, they will perform in Olympic stadium in korea which Suga's wish. Their achievements and success became fruitful because of their hardworks. Im so proud for our OT7. 😭😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  36. In 2015, the boys wished to perform at a bigger venue. Now in 2019, they've performed at Wembley and every big-ass stadiums worldwide. I'm crying. So proud of these boys.

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