Ép. 1 – Deux nouvelles colonies

[Guitar music.] Alright, here we go again. Another year of beekeeping. It went very well last year. I only had one colony, but as you can see, it’s very strong. I hope that the other two that I just acquired will be just as strong this year. And so here’s to hoping that 2018 will be just as good. I’m planning to do a split of the colonie… the “stong” one. So later in June, we’ll split it in half and make two colonies to fill a fourth hive. So… we should have plenty of honey in the fall! My 2 colonies have arrived so now we’ll set them up in the hives that dad built. They are very nice hives. They’ll be really happy living inside. I put a new thermometer. Today, it’s nice out. About 25 degress Celsius. We’re going to transfer the nucs that just arrived. and we’ll put them in the… …in the first hive. I’m with my friend Rog, my good friend, so… he’s going to help me with… …the documentation of this projet. I’m just going to cut this tape… These are colonies from… …from David Gratton in Alfred… from “Oh Miel”. Let’s try that… A little smoke… [Puff-puff of the smoker.] In this one, there are just 4 frames. One at a time… We’ll try not to lose any. Check it out! Roger: Hmm. Ah! They fit really well, dad! You built great boxes! In theory, the queen is somewhere in here… But I don’t have time to look for her. I don’t know where she is. I’ll put this here… It’s just a honeycomb with… frames with… honeycombs with honey to nourrish them. It’ll get them off to a good start… …the new colonies. [Bees buzzing.] They’ll go in all by themselves. They’ll find her (the queen). I hope that the queen is still not in the box. [Bees buzzing.] [Birds singing.] [Puff-puff of the smoker.] Let’s quiet them down, a little. [Birds singing.] [Birds singing.] [Whispering] …2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… …10. The cover… [Birds singing.] There you go. One hive done. Four hives, three colonies. Soon, four colonies. It’ll go quickly. We’re growing! [Guitar music.]


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