Ewan McGregor Plays ‘What’s in My Honey Pot?’

We’re back with Ewan McGregor. And in honor of your
movie Christopher Robin, we’re going to play a new game. It’s called “What’s
In My Honey Pot?” [LAUGHTER] And there’s the graphic. We have four pots here. You have to reach
in, you feel around, and you guess what’s
in my honey pot. And then you pull it out
and see if you’re right. OK? [LAUGHTER] Reach in and feel
around and see what’s– [INAUDIBLE] this one. In that one. Ooh. Oh. Well, that feels like honey. Well, is it? I don’t know. Let’s see if it is. Yes, it is. Oh, my god. [LAUGHTER] BELL DINGS] That would be great
for the first one. There’s no– [APPLAUSE] Reach in that one. How do I do this? I don’t know. [INAUDIBLE] straight in
with the honey hands? Yes, I guess so. We haven’t rehearsed this. It was an idea this morning. [LAUGHTER] Reach in. I can’t really feel
anything through my honey. Oh, what is that? I don’t know what that is. It’s not very– What does it feel like? Describe it. I don’t know. It feels– [LAUGHTER] You’re scary. Like this feels a bit like there
are spider webs or something. What do you think it is? Oh, it’s hair. Oh, it’s hair. It’s hear. [GROANING] Oh, put it back. Put that back. That’s disgusting. It’s a toupee. It’s disgusting. It’s a toupee, of course,
as if like there’s always a toupee in a honey pot. Yeah. It’s a toupee, stupid. All right. OK, here’s a big one. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] There’s not very much in– Oh, there’s like a square. Oh, it’s a video. It’s a VHS. Yes, you’re right. Oh. Yeah, yeah. [APPLAUSE] All right. One of my very marvelous movies. And the last one– [LAUGHTER] I think it’s one of those
things you put dog treats in. That’s the safe version of this. [LAUGHTER] Yes. Yes. [LAUGHTER] That’s what that is. And for playing, you get to
keep all of these things. Aww. Yes. All right. Christopher Robin opens– you
don’t want to touch Pooh now– No, no. August 3, and we’ll
be right back.


  1. There is no way I’m not watching Christopher Robin.
    The trailer is the best thing I’ve seen all day.
    Ewan Mcgregor is such an amazing and charming person. 😍
    I’m so happy I feel like I’m farting rainbows. 💨 💨 🌈
    Winnie the Pooh has been my absolute favourite since the day I was born.
    Farts another Rainbow 💨 🌈

  2. "thats the safe version of this" had me in tears as it looks like a really dodgy butt plug …😂

  3. His chuckles are so endearing!
    "I can't feel anything through ma hunny"
    "Oh, it's a rectangle, oh it's a VHS" Within 3 seconds, so feeling old now…
    "Feels like what they put dog treats in, oh that's the safe version of it."
    Love ya Ewan! Too cute n cuddly here.

  4. Clever producers. The four pots represent his four children, with him reaching in and pulling their hearts out when he had that affair with his cast mate.

  5. I am really hoping Disney Store sells replicas of Pooh and the rest of the game as plushies. Just like they did with the 2011 Winnie the Pooh movie.

  6. Listen to Ewans first laugh, doesn't it sound alot like the little chuckle Tigger does? Little Pooh Bear😍😘😝😇


  8. Pooh's thoughts, in the mean time:
    0:00 Oh, that is a lot of humans. Hello. I'm hungry, do you have any honey with you? … Did she jut say hunny pot? Oh, look, a hunny pot. It has hunny. 0:23 Yes of course it feels like hunny. Sticky hunny and nooo I want to eat it. Why is this heffalump holding me so thight? I prefer to breathe. Did he just talk about a big hunny pot? What is a movie? Oh, he's laughing. I love it when Christopher is happy. 1:41 Hello again, hunny pot. Do you still have hunny? I always want to touch Christopher Robin. I'm hungry.

  9. I want that Winnie the Pooh more than anything else on the planet. It’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen❤️

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