Experience Purdue Agriculture: Morgan Sussman

Hi my name is Morgan Sussman.
soft warm while by the National writing I’m a sophomore in wildlife and professional writing So originally I’m from Mooresville Indiana. it’s about 30 minutes south of Indianapolis and my neighborhood is what used to actually be a cow pasture so there was a lot of wildlife that was
running around in there. Throughout my life I’ve always had an interest in wildlife its been ever since I was a little girl even when I lived in like a close-packed neighborhood I would always find where all the toads were and I caught a baby bird once and praying mantis it was it was everything and then when we moved it became even more because it was more of a wilderness area. So I found myself in the College of Agriculture because I was looking for a wildlife program and the Forestry and Natural Resources Department is actually within the College of Ag and you wouldn’t actually expect that because usually when you think College of Ag you think like food, production agriculture, but it’s actually really interesting being a part of the diverse side of the College of Agriculture and I’ve continually seen that throughout my college career. I consider myself a little bit more of an extrovert and when I first came to college I was like oh my god I have to make friends so I actually started out in a learning community called the nature of wild things and it was all a bunch of people that had similar interests to me. They were all in forestry and natural resources or related sciences and it just made it really simple because I could really connect with those people. Over the summer I did work at the hardwood ecosystem experiment which is an experiment through Purdue and there I worked as a bird technicican where basically my job was to learn over 90 bird songs and ID them at different checkpoints hiking through the woods so that was really awesome and I also got to territory map and really get to know the birds and their personalities so that was really fun. The FNR department is really involved right off the bat if you’re in the learning community you get immediately um put into field work opportunities. So some of the things I did while in the learning community I went um electrshocking which is where you go and kind of send um small waves into streams and stuff and it makes the fish float up and then they’re fine afterwards it will wear off after. Um and then we also did invasive species training so that was really fun because we basically just got a free card to go hack um honeysuckle right out the woods Um I’m also through my clubs and stuff I’ve been able to do some really cool opportunities like for example I got to go to the Upper Peninsula in Michigan and take some black bears out of their dens and help like the researchers work them up so that was really cool getting to touch a wild black bear for like social life and free time honestly my clubs are so much fun that I
just kind of do that but also being a wildlifer like a lot of my friends are really into it even outside of the curriculum so like I’ve gone out and looked for reptiles and amphibians before um we do like bird walks and stuff and then like kind of unrelated I really enjoy the co recs rock climbing I’m not very good at it but I’m working on it and a lot of my friends are like teaching me how so that’s a ton of fun. The College of Agriculture is a really good choice because it’s a very close knit family community. It’s huge, but you don’t feel like it. Like it’s very common to see people you know every single day. The faculty and staff are super nice. They’re going to talk to you like it’s never going to be that standoffish like I am the professor and you are the student like it’s a little bit closer than that and I really enjoy that kind of atmosphere. I really thrive in it. And don’t ever be afraid to talk to the people at the college like that is how you are going to determine whether this whether Purdue is for you. Like I talked to people and that’s what made me decide it. It had, it wasn’t so much to do with like the academics or curriculum it was the people that decided whether I was coming to Purdue or not. ♪ (music) ♪

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