Father and Son beginner beekeeping team keep Flow Hive in suburban backyard (video)

(soft music) – My name’s Matthew. – My name is Izzy. (speaking together)
– And our flow hive is in Hawthorn, Australia. – My family and I live here in Hawthorn and I am an engineer,
but I am now teaching, working at a university
in building design. So I first started in
ernest about two years ago making a warre hive. At the time when I was
making my warre hive that’s when I first heard of a flow hive. Then we were watching those intently and thought that was amazing. Particularly because it
met both bees innovation, Australian design, yeah it
just ticked all the boxes. We were really excited. My kids think it’s great. My daughter is tentatively curious, but my son Isaiah and I are very keen now to be keeping on our
bee keeping knowledge and building on that. – Yeah, I like doing it with my dad. I like looking at the bees, smoking the hive, holding the frame. There’s worker bees, there’s drones and there’s the queen. – My biggest challenge
for keeping bees now has just been overcoming
my lack of knowledge of bees initially, so
I read a lot of books. That helps, but it
doesn’t come anywhere near actually going to a course. I though, Aw, courses, you know. But actually going through the course, it was way more useful and hands on. It’s made me more aware of the potential risks to bees that have been not really considered by councils or by local
governments when they come to just spray wholesale across the city. Not really thinking about
that there might be bees or other ecosystems
that might be negatively affected by such an action. So definitely more aware of my environment now that I’m keeping bees. (soft music)


  1. I can't wait to start! I've ordered mine for Christmas and it has already arrived! My 11y daughter is exclusively eating honey in morning (spread on bread) and she has developed a good knowledge on all honey taste variations. As in this video, we are in together as a bonding experience….I am really looking for it!

  2. excuse my ignorance but in a lot of these videos people aren't using the flow hive, they are using empty frames and letting the bees build the comb. Is the point not to use the plastic honeycomb?

  3. hi sir .if we are the first time use the flow hive .the queen should we lock in cage ? or just cut their wing ,and let it be

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