Fayetteville Tech CC Horticulture Program

Do you have a green thumb? A knack with
plants? or love digging in the dirt? Consider
exploring your passion with an education at FTCC. Horticulture Education began
its journey with FTCC in 1974 and has grown to encompass an associate
degree and three separate certificates. Since 2006, the home of FTCC’s
horticulture program has been the horticulture Education
Center adjacent to the beautiful Cape Fear Botanical Gardens. Their
students gain the knowledge to turn their interest into a promising career. The Horticulture Technology program is five semesters and awards an associate degree as well
as three certificates in basic landscape maintenance, food culture science, and basic horticulture. The program is designed to start in the
fall and has a high school diploma and
placement test prerequisites. At FTCC, the horticulture program shines a light on the production and management of
cultivated plants, shrubs, flowers, foliage, trees, groundcovers, and other related plant
materials. Business and technical courses in the
curriculum are directly tied to Horticulture services and
scientific principles needed to understand plants, their management, and care. The Horticulture Technology Degree
program is designed to prepare students for rewarding careers in various
positions with nurseries, garden centers, greenhouses, landscape
operations, governmental agencies, parks for example,
golf courses, Sports Complexes, highway vegetation, turf management companies, as well as private and public gardens.
Come grow your potential with FTCC’s Horticulture Technology program. Or the Horticulture Program at FTCC.

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