February Gardening Checklist – 10 Tips To Help Get Your Organic Garden Ready For Spring

Even though it’s still a little bit cold,
February is a great time to get your garden started. February is the time to
start your heat loving slow growing vegetables like peppers so that they’ll
be ready to transplant on time. It’s also a great time to start cold hardy plants
for your spring garden that prefer to be transplanted such as cauliflower. Try the
seed planting calculator in our online resource center to figure out the best
planting dates for your area. Plant your seeds in soil-less seed starting mix such
as our Quick Root and make sure to give your seedlings sufficient heat, light and
water for healthy, sturdy growth. If perennial vegetables, like rhubarb and
berries are on your list of what to plant, January and February are a great
time to do so. Check out groworganic.com for all the perennial vegetables
available at this time. Map all your February blooming bulbs for next year’s
planting scheme. If you haven’t already done it, February is a great time to prune your grapes. Check out our video on how to
prune your grapes. Winter is a great time to take care of your tools and get them
ready for the spring and clean them sharpen them oil them so that you don’t
have to waste time precious time when it’s time to garden. Taking good care of
your hand tools, long handled tools, trellises, fences, and other supplies will
help them last longer and work better. Research and design your irrigation and
fertigation systems. Check out our video on both topics. Many of your fruit trees are
ready for the third dormant spray. February is the time to do it before bud
break. February is a great time to zap all those little newly formed weeds with
the Flamer. In February that’s when our County sprays the roadside with some
pretty strong chemicals like glyphosate. Be sure and check with your County
roadway maintenance department to find out how you can prevent spraying on your
property, like I’ve done. And most importantly enjoy the first signs of
spring in February with your Daphne, Camellia and some of the early flower
bulbs like crocus, and grow organic for life!


  1. I guess I am lucky. Only thing I ever seen my county spray in front of my house was some grass seeds. That was after some new pipes were laid in the ground and I haven't seen them before or since then. They come out with big tractors towing a large mower blade though. Always makes me nervous they will take out my fence. 😛 So far – after close to 15 years – they haven't. I hope it stays that way. – Heidi

  2. I knew she was a lie when she had that metal thing to form the dirt into squares and the tape gun lol talk about extra

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