Flea-Bitten – Series 1 Trailer

It all began when a puppy was unwrapped on Christmas Day. The family called him Flea-Bag, and took him out to play. There was a mishap with a sapling, no one quite saw what was happening. So they drove on and poor Flea-Bag was a stray. What! Hey, where did everybody go? No tags means I’ve got to take you to the pound. He’s a stray pooch, lost and alone. Sheesh, what’s a parasite got to do to get
a bite around here? And he’s a fiesty flea, with big ideas and
a mouth to match! Crossed together in the pound, they’re the
unlikeliest friends ever! But somehow, it works! Who woulda thunk it? A flea with his own dog. So together, they hit the road on an epic
quest for… my family! Let’s find that family of yours. I just know I’m going to find my family soon. Flea-bitten! 52 dazzlingly funny episodes,
bursting with spectacular action, freaky friends, thrills, adventure and bumbling bad guys. Out of the pound and in your face. Not to mention, heart-pounding romance. Oww! That mutt is on my leg again. And his flea is biting me. Rampaging robots and an astonishing abundance of sausage. Flea-bitten. Each eleven-minute episode is an extravaganza of cute puppies, fast-talking fleas and comic chaos and major belly laughs. Aaaahhh! Take it away, boys. Because we’re flea-bitten, roaming along the street. Flea-bitten, one feisty flea! Nothing stops us on our quest, except sausage – it’s the best. Lots of fun and hilarity! Flea-bitten. He’s off to find his family. Flea-bitten.


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