Floral Fantasy at Gardens by the Bay: Walkthrough Tour and 4D RIDE Highlights

Welcome to Floral Fantasy, Gardens by the
Bay’s newest attraction! This is a short walkthrough tour of the four themed areas here, also known as the fantastical garden landscapes. There’s this upside down flower canopy, floating floral balls… A serene garden by a mini river, plus more overhanging plants… This area with waterfalls and driftwood above. There’s also a vivarium with poison dart frogs. And lastly, a cavernous zone with ferns, exotic orchids and glowing rocks. There’s also a 4D ride called Flight of the
Dragonfly. Sort of like Soarin’ over Gardens by the Bay. At a much smaller scale. This ride is included with the ticket to Floral Fantasy but it’s optional to go on it. You’ll fly around all the major attractions and gardens around Bay South. Kinda like a highlights tour. Wah the scene from Crazy Rich Asians? Let me know what you think in the comments!


  1. wow this is amazing
    thanks for sharing this video
    this is breath taking and refreshing video
    stay in touch coz i like to see your next videos
    have fun

  2. Thanks for publishing this video. I was thinking about making a trip to see Floral Fantasy but wasn't sure what to expect. This gives me a much better idea!

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