Flow Hive 2 Araucaria Product Walkthrough

– Okay, here it is. Flow Hive 2 in araucaria. Let’s take a look at the new features. Made here in Australia, and manufactured using
precision laser cutting. We’ve redesigned it from the base up, all made from highly
durable, sustainably sourced A-grade Australian araucaria. There’s an optional adjustable leg kit, which enables you to
control the height and level of your hive perfectly,
even on uneven ground. We’ve included a multifunctional tray, allowing you to trap pests and monitor the health of your hive. There’s three positions
of ventilation control, so you can assist your
bees as the seasons change. Vents down closes the airflow. Vents up allows air to
pass up through the screen, or you can remove the tray altogether for maximum ventilation. We’ve included handy
built-in spirit levels. From side to side you
want to be dead on level, so the bees can naturally build their brood comb nice and straight, and the front-to-back
level has been calibrated for the ideal honey-harvesting angle, so when the bubble is
squarely in the middle, you’re good to go. The brood box has deeper
handles for easier lifting, and it comes with a set
of eight brood frames with comb guides for the bees
to naturally build their comb. They can also accommodate
foundation sheets if you wish. The Flow Super now features
observation windows on both sides, giving you another window into the fascinating world of bees, so you can watch and learn,
keeping an eye on your hive. Inside is our second-generation
patented flow frames, the biggest innovation in
beekeeping for over 150 years. The unique end frame view
allows you to watch the girls as they cover the frames in
wax and turn nectar into honey, and cap the cells ready for
you to share the experience of harvesting pure honey
directly from your hive. You no longer need a costly
conventional processing setup. This hole in the inner cover is designed for feeding your bees in lean times, and we’ve included a plug so
that the hole can be closed off or you can leave it
open and allow the bees to build honeycomb in the roof. To ensure the roof stays on in high winds to protect your bees, we’ve included these
sturdy brass wing screws. We’ve used high-quality durable solid brass fixtures throughout, and they go that beautiful
tarnished colour outdoors. By popular request, we have created these adjustable harvesting shelf brackets as an optional extra
to make it even easier to collect your very own fresh honey directly from your hive. The kit comes complete
with everything you need to put your hive together, tools included: square- and Phillips-head driver bits with a nifty L-wrench for easy assembly. Thanks a lot for watching, and please send us your pictures as you look after your bees and enjoy the sweet rewards
from your Flow Hive. (tranquil music)


  1. Yay! 🙂 you already know how I feel about the flow-hives 🙂 we are currently snow-loaded, but I'm certainly looking forward to a flow-hive spring 🙂 Thanks for all you do and have done for beekeeping!

  2. I have a double brood and a double super right now. I have some videos. I’d like to get more flowhives next year. Maybe a new one each year, to show the updated models.

  3. I won't use flow hive but I won't detract anyone from using it. The more beekeepers means there is a better chance of bee survival.

    Keep doing what you guys are doing.

  4. I've had my Flow Hive 2 set up for three months but have some questions. Where can I go to get answers. I live in the Northern Rivers area.

  5. Thank you all …. Good work … Thank you dear …. Lovely video
    How much price. With freight charges to Turkey

  6. Just curious, the cells are cracked from the rear to allow the honey to flow. Do the caps remain in place or are they cracked as well to somehow encourage the bees to refill them ?

  7. Peace be upon you, please I want to buy two cells to flow What are the procedures to get them Note that I am a resident in the east of Algeria Thank you for this wonderful creativity I hope you reply as soon as possible. greetings to you all . Peace

  8. Hi this is suprith from India we starts honey bee plant in India I want one trial flow hive box
    Dear friend plz help me
    Give the some information about that honey bee method

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