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(bright piano music) – [Voiceover] As an inventor you have these hopes and dreams and the only thing that
really keeps you going is being optimistic that yes, we can make this idea work. And to finally see it work, after a decade of tinkering
away in the shed with my dad was extraordinary. – [Voiceover] Its the first
drops and it’s pouring. – [Voiceover] It’s pouring in! – Our next big challenge was to take our invention to the world and crowd-funding allowed us to do that in a way we never dreamt was possible. Suddenly, our small campaign had turned into a community
of passionate bee keepers all around the world now numbering over 35,000 and growing. – It’s amazing to see their
enthusiasm for beekeeping and their willingness to
learn and to share knowledge. – One small act, right, of saying, “I think I’m going to try bees” that it opens up not
just this world of bees but it’s sort of a window into being more connected to nature in a much larger way. – I thought it was an awesome invention. I’d seen how typical
beekeeping takes place. How harvesting honey happens. And I thought I didn’t
want to do it that way. I’d rather try something different. – One of the coolest things
I ever done in my life was pull out the first
frame falling with bees. – Honey harvesting is such a pain and it’s a tremendous amount of work and it makes a huge mess. It’s very destructive to the bees. Its just, it’s kinda a
disaster no matter what you do. No matter how hard you plan you just end up with honey everywhere. So, to actually just have it pour out of the side of the hive into a jar and skip all of that mess is amazing. – When we got the first Flow Hive going it was obvious that it was such a peaceful and
entertaining experience. So, every time we get honey we make sure that all our friends come over and experience it
because it’s really special. – But what a beautiful treat to have especially if you can know
where it’s coming from. From your back yard. It’s the least processed food that I know as far as sweetness go. And it tastes bloody good. – [Voiceover] It’s been a really busy year fulfilling all the orders – And it’s such a good feeling to see all the photos and videos flowing in from all corners of the globe. As beekeepers experience the joy of harvesting pure, unprocessed honey directly from the hive. – Our bees are very, very
happy with the Flow Hive. They’re filling up the frames with honey as fast as we can harvest it. Lovingly shared by happy bees. – And urban honey has this
variety to it and depth that you continue to taste. I love it. Love it. – Harvesting a frame of honey and just being able to smell
it like a glass of wine and actually the floral notes are there. I mean, if you smell a bottle of honey that’s been extracted it’s not the same. And I think that’s an amazing thing that is hard to believe until you experience it. – We’ve seen the videos on the website but there’s nothing that compares to your first experience
actually seeing it flow out of the hive. It was just absolutely amazing. – None of this could have happened without the Indiegogo community who jumped onboard to support us and shared our campaign far and wide. – We did that as soon as we could. Within seconds of it going online. – Been wanting to do bees for decades and decades and decades. – [Voiceover] So to say think
you to the Indiegogo community for making all this possible, our most popular Flow Hive Classic will be back on Indiegogo, and original campaign process, for the next two weeks. – So the best bit is,
you don’t have to wait. We’ve got hives in stock all across North America,
Europe, and Australia ready to deliver to your door. – If you new to beekeeping, be sure to check out our
educational resources and forum at honeyflow.com and connect with your
local beekeeping group to learn all the fascinating
things about caring for bees. We’re also excited to announce our special range of
organic cotton teeshirts. And for these next two weeks, 100% of all profits from this range will be directly to the Rainforest Trust to help preserve forest
ecosystems around the world. Our forests are really important habitats for thousands of species of pollinators. – Bees are such a good reminder of the interconnectedness
of life on earth. – The little piece of magic
that do we call pollination, is essential to the cycle of
life that we all depend on. And if we look after the
bees, they’ll look after us. And the honey really is an amazing bonus. (upbeat piano music)


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  2. Yay… HONEY and Yay… T-Shirts 🙂 Yes Please! So glad to get this glimpse of FlowEnthusiasts all around the world. I'm really enjoying the learning process with FlowFrames and I hope others will continue to get onboard with this very interesting honey harvesting system. Way to go FlowTeam!

  3. Mai I got a FlowHive for free plese ? I like beekeeping but I can't start without help . I wish I have a little help . 🙂 New with the campaign help 1more man . With sincerity Andrei .

  4. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤒😍😇😇😇😇😊🐝🐝🐝

  5. Hey guys! Im new in all these and i see a lot of flowhive videos and i see and a lot of them that some of the honey have diferent colors. Some of them are really black and the other habe the normal color? Why that happens? And there is any difference in the taste? Thank you!

  6. I can see that the first season's honey will be semi fresh but what about after that? What happens to the left over honey in the bottom channel? How is that cleaned since the bees can't get to it? I'm a conventional beekeeper and only accept honey from fresh wax. After the first or second year, the wax and plastic get contaminated with pesticides and dirt brought in on the bees feet/legs. Since plastic and wax absorb chemicals, how do we clean that each new season?

  7. Wish my backyard was big enough to start a bee hive and honey harvest. Your product is extremely innovative. Great work!

  8. I'm interested about FlowHive, When if I buys a FlowHive and I wanted to know HOW to gets a Mexico 🐝🐝🐝🐝 Honeybees brings it in my new FlowHive? Let's me know, Thx

  9. Whats incredibly anoying is that you spend years designing it then people can just look at your product, do some measurements then make it for much cheaper with cheaper materials then people buy it from them because they sell it a bit cheaper!!

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