Flow hive Honey harvesting & Beekeeping with Adrian and his 89 year old Mum – UK

– Thought we’d just have a look. You see, almost all of it is capped. My name is Adrian Dwyer, and I live in Christchurch, in Dorset, the south coast of England. I’m a non-executive director
of a software company, and I used to have a
medical imaging company which I sold a couple of years ago. Just to describe where we are today, we are a few hundred yards from the High Street of
Christchurch in Dorset, and we’ve just got a little garden here. This was completely
overgrown, this garden, a few years ago, and I’ve laid out some
grass and some shrubs. To get into beekeeping, I joined
the local bee association, and they have monthly meetings where they have an
expert come in and talk. They also have weekly visits
to an apiary that they keep, and that’s been really useful, and I think that gave me a lot
of confidence, if you like, with my own hive. I felt that was essential, really. I’ve also had a mentor, who’s got several hives just up the road, and that’s been really useful as well. So whenever I’m not quite
sure about something, I’ve got somebody to phone and ask, ask for a second opinion, or reassurance in what I’m
doing is the right thing. So this is at least three
quarters capped on that side. This is actually quite heavy. This is, look at that, that’s
what what we want to see. Earlier on today we did an extraction. Two of the frames were completely full, and the whole suit was really heavy, so I know that I’m going to be doing some more extraction later on, but we extracted from two frames. Okay, so this is why we’re all here. Extract some honey. It’s always exciting, this part, isn’t it? And I’m expecting when I’ve weighed it to get between six, seven
pounds per frame, I expect. So a really easy process
to extract the honey. What I did before harvesting the frames, I took out a frame to see exactly how much of the frame had been capped. And two of the frames
were 90%, 95% capped. The other frames, you could see the capping
starting to happen. Some of the frames had 50% honey in, some of them had 75% honey in, but clearly they weren’t
ready for extraction. What do my family think of the bees? My mother has become very
interested in beekeeping, and in fact is one of the reasons we decided to eave the
hive in this walled garden, because she loves watching
the bees every single day. It’s one of the first things, she looks out of the window to
see what the bees are doing, and she knows what the
weather’s going to be doing, or what the weather’s like. – It’s lovely, isn’t it? A tremendous interest. I can check in the morning
to see they’re coming out, providing they’re all coming out, fine, so I can give Adrian a report. – But she’s also then
done a lot of research on the internet, and so every time I come to the hive, there’s always a question, what about this or what about that? So I’m having to do a bit of research, just to stay one step ahead of my mother, who’s 89 years old. (laughing) – Probably see Adrian more frequently, because I think, oh has he
come to see me, or the bees? I think it’s the bees. (laughing) – I’m always amazed at the
variety of colour of pollen you can have. Sort of off-white, through to orange, that’s as bright as a day-glow bib, you know, one of those safety bibs. It’s extraordinary. My favourite part of being a beekeeper is I’m just learning so
much about beekeeping, and about the environment,
and about the nature of bees. There’s so much to learn, it’s incredible. And I’ve found that really interesting. My work is completely different. It’s involved in commerce
and finance and whatever, but to come into something like beekeeping is completely different, and you’re learning every single day. So I’m only just about starting to learn what I don’t know about bees. So I’ve got many decades to come of learning more about beekeeping. I need a picture of you two, actually. – [Woman] I know. (laughing) – That’s good. (gentle music)


  1. Flow hive, can you please do an bee keeping for beginners video. Im allergic to them and i don't even like honey, i just want to give these little joys of nature a helping hand, all ive done so far is manage to fill my garden to the brim with lavender and other plants in hope the bees inbthe local are will have somewere rich in resources to come to. But i want to do more.

  2. I live in Hong Kong. I am so enjoy to watch ur videos and want to be a beekeeper in HK by ur product . Hope u can upload more videos 🙂

  3. Just installed my first 2 bee packages last friday! Cant wait to add on my Flow Hybrid supers! Thanks Flow Hive!

  4. can we just have like a hour video of the honey pouring out with no talking and stuff so all you hear is just the bees buzzing in the background

  5. Fuera bueno q hicieran videos en español… Se be muy bien ese nuevo sistema más amigable com las abejas

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