Flow Pollinator House

the amazing thing we call pollination is
absolutely essential to sustain life on earth as we know it the honeybee is an
incredible little pollinator and of course makes lots of delicious honey
it’s only one of 19 thousand bee species in the world most of which don’t live in
colonies and don’t produce honey but are essential to pollination sadly
more than one-third of these bee species are facing declines in population and
almost ten percent of facing complete extinction but one thing we can easily
do is create habitat for these essential little pollinators like this fire tailed
resin bee I was in the factory and looking in a pile of flow hive offcuts
and thought how can we reuse these how can we upcycle our waste so we recap the
discarded pieces and turn it into this beautiful western red cedar pollinator
house the solitary bees to come and raise their young in creating habitat we
give these pollinators stepping stones through the urban landscape building
corridors between our wild spaces if we can give them enough homes we can bring
back some of these important species from the brink of extinction not all
species nest in a pollinator house like this there is much more you can easily
do you can make holes in mud for the blue banded bee you can drill holes in
wood or you can go to town creating whole pollinator zones in your garden
and remember we can also protect our pollinators by creating pesticide free
zones and leaving plenty of wild spaces around your home this is not only a help
for the pollinators we depend on but a learning opportunity for your family and
loved ones we want this to be accessible for
everyone so we’ve included the tool and the screws and everything you need to
put it together as it’s made from upcycle flow hi both cats there’s only a
limited amount of pollinator houses available last time they sold out within
a week so don’t miss out it’s so important to us to help these little
pollinators however we can so what we’ve decided to do is donate 100% of profits
to grassroots organizations who support these essential pollinators creating
habitat is something we can all do so please spread the word let’s get out in
the garden and create more homes for the unsung heroes of the bee world you


  1. The website says they are sold out- is that from last time or is this the recently made batch that are sold out? I’ve added my email address to be notified for when they are next available

  2. Espero que los siguientes vídeos tengan subtítulos al español!!! Igual entendí el contenido pero no todos pueden entender….
    Y te felicito a es un grandiosa idea, seguro que cambiarás al mundo!!! 🤘🤘🤘 Saludos desde 🇨🇱🇨🇱

  3. Me llamo Óscar José orellano.soy apicultor .me gustaría recibir el kit muy bueno vivo en Casilda argentina Santa Fe .quisiera saber el costo hasta aquí. Esperando respuesta desde llamo gracias.fabor en español . Plis

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